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Why oh Why????


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I have been on SW for about 5 weeks now and i am beginning to flag a bit, for the first three weeks i was 100% on plan. I lost a mere 4/5lbs, which was slightly disappointing as i have at least 3 1/2 stone to go.
The first 2 weeks i was doing it alone, then i joined SW for the support.
I have had a few wobbly days, particularly over * week, but i got weighed last week and lost lb, and have weigh in tomorrow and have totally blown it today. Was on track this morning after going over my sins slightly last night.
Had weetabix and milk for breakfast( HEB and HEA), went food shopping and came home and had the left over adobo pork,rice and broccoli for lunch then have just had 5 mini donuts and a mini muffin.....Why???
I am going to be gutted with myself if i have a gain tomorrow, and i will only have myself to blame of course.
I am going to France in 13 weeks and i dont think i will be able to fit into the clothes i have to wear. Even the 1lb a week loss seems to be a struggle....:cry:
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we all do especially if we don't see results for our work.Write down everything you eat and you may shock yourself with secret syns you didn't realise you were eating. Forget about sabotaging ypurself. Start fresh right now and don't carry it on until tomorrow.big hug and a smack on the botty to wake you up. x:hug99::whoopass:


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the annoying thing is i do write down everything i eat and update my food diary everynight ( apart from last nights blip which i am about to do), i have pieces of paper everywhere, of each days food intake, so i even account for a splash of milk in my tea if i am out of my allowance...thats whats so disappointing...i have been really on the ball....
Am going to pull myself together and not have any more syns today, just free food....
Thanks for the smacked botty :)


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As Louisedan says write every thing down. Maybe do a food diary on here so we can all look at it & help. Try am set yourself small goals. For example how much would you like to loose before your holiday to france? Just think if you say 1lb a week till france then with your current weight loss you have lost over a stone & you are nearly a third of the way there for the total you want to loose in all.

I often struggle when it is star week I could keep cadburys in business ;)



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My food diary......

I would like to be able to fit comfortably into my summer clothes that i wore for Oz last year, tho not my goal dress size, would be quite happy to get into them> I can get them up but not fastened...

I carry around a notepad and pen, and update what i have eaten even when out, but i am quite good and usually pack fruit for when i am out to stave off temptation and you know what, in the 5 weeks i havent bought myself anything when ive been out with the kids exept a drink :0)

May go for a walk later when it cools down so i can take my son in his pram :0)
ok are you missing syns pasta is free but not the fresh soft or the frozen same with rice, are your diet drinks really diet light is about 40 cals diet is <3 cals a lady at our class wash shocked when I pointed out her drink wasn't free. I notice you are eating chicken / meat is it cooked without the skin no fat etc.

Also can't see too much free super free are you having 1/3 super free on ee, you need more free stuff.

As you have online acess put you diary on there to ensure you are getting the syns right and having the correct hex and such


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So you gave into temptation last night and today... We all do from time to time. Draw the line, know what went wrong and keep going from here - you may get lucky and not have a gain this week, but even if you have a small gain - you know what happened and can move on and focus back on plan.

OK - you're going to france in 13weeks and averaging a weekly loss of 1lb - you could easily be a stone lighter by the time you get there.

But - as the others have said - start writing things down, but not just in terms of syns - but also mark off which items are free, superfree and see if you're eating enough of those - it surprised me when i started doing this last October just how little superfree foods i was eating at times. Maybe also speed/superspeed for the same reasons - the more free/superfree and speed/superspeed foods we can eat the better.

Good luck...


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thanks for the advice
I will try and remember to mark down on my food diary what foods are what etc.
Dont really do veggies so tend to stick to the same old suspects ( broccoli, carrots cabbage etc)
Now salad season is upon us i will eat mainly that as i have discovered fat free dressing woo hoooo
I drink diet coke if i drink pop but mainly its water with a drop of low cal squash in( asda own) or tea/coffee with my milk allowance in from my HEA.trying to cut out the diet coke for the sake of my teeth.
Also dont do fatty meat at all.... never have, i usually buy lean and then trim again myself and end up with half of what i bought....
pasta and rice is dried the kind i have to cook myself
I got my HEX confused for the first week or so but now have my head around them
Watch this space...
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I know how you feel, as I am not overly impressed with my weight loss, so far either. But, have to hold my hands up and say its not the plan, its me, having the odd cheat here n there:rolleyes: Although I do mainly work darn hard, having the right kind of meals, its the little snacks that creep in, hard habit to break though, I am working on it.

I think you are probably like me and not completely in the zone, to me it seems a mammoth task ahead, but the others are right, steady n slow is the best way to lose and you are more likely to keep it off. I don't honestly think its completely realistic to stick to plan 100% I know there are many that do, but for others I think find it hard and have a few bad days in the week, but still lose a 1lb so as long as its coming off and not on, you will be just fine x
Had weigh in this morning and 1lb off....phew
Head is back in gear and i am raring to go.
Will start a new improved food diary tonight, indicating free, super free and speed foods...
Thanks again


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I remember reading Paul McKenna's book "think yourself thin" and in it, it said to make you think that when you go to eat chocolate (or something else bad for you) that you had to imagine it tasting like crap, but i could never manage it. Chocolate always tastes like a slice of heaven to me. xx
LOL Tara
I had those CDs and used to fall asleep instead of going under...then wake up hungry....needless to say i sold them...

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