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Why the water intake?

Just wondered if anyone can answer why so much water intake on CD? I'm struggling abit with it and finding it difficult to get all 3ltrs in a day, 2 litres is about as much as I can stomach. Wondered if it is simply to to replenish the water I would normally be getting from food or if it actually aids the weight loss? Would it matter that much if I had 2ltrs per day instead of 3ltrs?
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The water really helps with hunger. Also it flushes toxins out of your system.

I was told i need to drink 4 pints which is just over 2l. I find this much more manageable (?sp) than 3 full litres! I still seem to spend a lot of time in the loo but if it means my system is being 'flushed' then i guess it's ok!!

Keep it up and you will see the lbs coming off!


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it says in the book that you need to have 4pints, which is 2.25l....

i can get through about 6l a day and i will drink water along side my coffee so it goes down easier.
There is a CD flavouring you can get, but you can only have it once a day i think


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I wasn't drinking the full 2.25 litres over the last few weeks and my weightloss slowed down. My CDC said I needed to drink the proper amount of water as it helps flush the fat cells out (something along those lines, she put it alot better). I have drank 3 litres all week, and changed nothing else, and have lost twice as much weight as the last two weigh ins. So I am a convert.... water... water and more water.
Thnaks for that ladies, makes it all a bit clearer in my head now! I don't know why I was under the impression I had to have 3ltrs a day (might be as I have bars and tetras and think you have to drink extra with those? Not sure!). I def don't want my weight loss to slow, the quicker it comes off the better lol! Looks like I will just have to try and get the water down.
hi there, i have read the post and just want to add that with the water flavouring, i have it in every drink i have and it has not affected weight loss - 3stone in 12 weeks, since i started having the water flavouring i have not noticed a change in losses and I go through a tub every 2 weeks. It certainly makes drinking the water easier !
The extra 2.25l is in addition to anything else that you drink.
The reason for this minimum amount is that ketosis can cause dehydration as the body requires extra fluid to excrete the ketones in the urine.

The reason for increasing the amount of water above that is an as yet unproven theory that water helps raise metabolism slightly, it is also needed to release the stored energy (read fat!) from the cells so that it can be utilised. I've been reading some research and the early data is sounding very favourable. It's not recommended that you drink more than 1litre of water in any hour as this is what is considered safe for the kidneys to be able handle with relative ease...
If you'd like to read the papers yourself, just pm me for the references! I appreciate that not everyone is an anorak... mostly I'm on my own with that one!!!
I am on week 2 and struggle with the water intake too. I was having 4 pints a day but yesterday at my first weigh in my CDC told me to have 6 pints as I was having some tetras.
Does anyone know if plain sparkling water is just as good as plain or does this affect anything???
Sparkling is an acceptable alternative to the flat stuff! Go for it!

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