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Why wait?


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I often read threads on here about what people are planning to do when they have lost their weight.
Whilst I think it's great to have motivation and stuff to look forward to, it also makes me a bit sad. :(What about now? What if this is your life? Why not enjoy it as much as possible now? I have spent 30 years dieting, always looking forward to being slimmer, fitter, wearing a smaller size etc.. You know what? I haven't done it. Now maybe thats because I'm a big fat failure - maybe I just haven't tried hard enough. Maybe this year I will do it - but I doubt it. So, shall I give up on enjoying my life then, is it only valid if I am slim?:confused::confused:

I have made a decision to enjoy now - I'd like to be thinner, maybe I will be, but no more putting off. :cool:I'm going to have as much fun as possible, do as many things as I can, I'm not going to waste the next 30 years trying to become the person I am told I should be in order to enjoy myself.:eek:

I greatly admire all the people on this site who keep battling, more even than the ones who have pretty much won the war, but I just wish this weight thing wasn't such a HUGE focus in so many peoples lives.;)
There endeth the lastest Barb ramble!
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oh, guess this one sunk like a stone!


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Good for you Sandy - us two in tune, as we so often are! So glad life is panning out for you as it should.

Much love


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i agree with you completely barb. and i do try and enjoy life as much as i can now. but there are also things i don't want to do until i'm slimmer, whether that's so i look better, feel, better or am too embarrassed. and one thing i want is to be thin on my wedding day, there isn't much more of a reminder than fat wedding pics that you had over a year to do something and didn't. so i don't have much of an option really!!

abz xx


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I won't go swimming until I've lost more weight as I'm too ashamed of the way I look. I might even marry my boyfriend if I lose the weight! I'd hate everyone looking at me when I look like this.


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Abz, i totally understand the wedding pics thing - you are so 'on display' on your wedding day, there is a lot of pressure involved. Delhi it's a shame about the swimming - it would be so good for you and your weight loss. Perhaps in a few lbs time you will feel braver. I hope so, it's a shame for you to miss out.


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barb, i totally agree with you!

its only since march i kind of got to thinking ur way. hubby left me (git) and i realised there was so little i was doing to enjoy my life cos everything centred around my ruddy weight! what a waste of a life!

then and there i decided to give it my all with university, get my degree and enjoy achieving it!

i also had this stupid idea of never buying myself clothes cos one day i would have to bin them for smaller sizes???? all the while, feeling rubbish having no clothes and not losing the weight either. so i went and bought lots of bright clothes and feel much better day to day. no black items! it definately helps with my self esteem in general.

i've even applied for a job now...not letting my weight be an excuse to hide. im only 9lb lighter than i was when feeling so down and hiding away but life seems so much happier since i stopped letting the scales rule my direction.

so all in all....ur rant is totally valid and more power to ya!

Woo Karen that's so amazing good for you and good luck.

I totally put my life on hold when loosing weight I guess that's why I get disheartened as I have been yo-yoing for 8 years. Hmmm there's a lot to think about there.
I think thats a very healthy attitude to have & one I hope I can grab hold of. I'm very guilty of thinking, when i'm slim i'll get my hair done nice, or treat myself to some nice looking clothes, go out to the pubs with hubby again etc.

I think its great to have a goal & to visualise what you will do/be when you get there, but its also very important to enjoy the journey.


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it is a trap we all fall into. i used to do an awful lot of 'when i'm thin' thinking. i still do but to a lesser extent, like 'when i'm thin i'm going on a sun holiday where i can wear a bikini'. it's not that i don't intend to go if i'm not thin, i just won't be able to wear a bikini. something i haven't owned since i was about 5 and one day i am determined to wear one in public, on a beach and perhaps even get gazed at in admiration!! stretch marks be damned!!

abz xx

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