Why Whole Foods are better.


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very interesting BL
and true.

it makes me cross looking back how much crap low fat food i ate in the belief it was good for me over the years.

i avoid 'low fat' stuff now - i won't eat the asparteme sweetened products

and as for fizzy drinks - don't even egt me started on those....

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Absolutely. We are brainwashed (mainly in the UK) to think that very low fat is preferable. I say 'very' low fat, because that is what the majority of dieting clubs aim for. I blame Ancel Keys. Government guidelines for healthy eating is actually closer to 30% fat which is 3 to 6 times higher than most dieting clubs aim for

For dieting purposes, very low fat is logical. 9kcals per gram of fat, compared with 4kcals per gram of carb. And with the volumetrics system which most diets follow (even if they don't admit it), people tend to eat by volume rather than calories, so theoretically they get more food for the calories.

I'm a great believer in whole foods....unprocessed foods. Butter instead of marg, full fat yoghurts (if possible) instead of stuff like WW yoghurts etc.

But all things in moderation.
Eat food, eat less, mainly plants

Except I don't necessarily do the 'mainly plants bit' all the time, but do bear in mind that some extremely healthy foods ie oily fish, nuts, seeds etc are higher fats but a great addition to my way of eating...along with some unmentionables :D And low fat doesn't necessarily mean 'healthier'.

Excuse my ramble for today :eek: