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why wont it come off?


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arghhhhh... i seem to be losing the will with this now!

i havent lost anything this week, its official weigh in on wednesday and i havent lost a single ounce....i really dont want to go and see cdc im going to feel so stupid, shes going to think im cheating and im not...im on the brink of stopping cd as surely this isnt right

god all i do is whinge!

stamping my feet now!!!
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Nearly there...
Water retention, fat reduction, general bloating? As loads of others on here have said chick if you're following the plan you're burning fat. Don't worry, keep doing what you're doing xx
im feeling the same! lost 6lbs last week but so far there not budging! i will be very peed off if ive not lost! my WI is tomorrow:( x


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Thanks Sauce...

i think ive just got myself so wound up with cd and expected big losses or at least more than 1lb a week i forgot about the sts weeks!!

im going to keep going with it, i will not give up as much as i feel like i want to.. im going to give it 2 weeks and see what happens...


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i know what you mean kellymarie.. i just didnt expect to not loose if you know what i mean.. i know cd isnt easy, but its really testing me now!!

good luck with wi x


Nearly there...
Absolutely stick with it - you can't go wrong... Try measuring yourself? Or trying on something you were 'nearly' into a couple of weeks ago? I totally agree with the low lb/sts weeks though. If I'm entirely honest I expect everything yesterday and wanted the same sort of losses as those with a lot more to lose. Sure enough, it is working, it is steady and there have been weeks (especially the first 2) where I felt absolutely no different but the CDC scales told me differently.. Don't lose heart - you've come this far. Have a look around on here regarding the plans too - it may be a case of upping the cals for a bit for a -jump-start as that seems to happen too...
Keep positive and keep drinking the water ;)
Sauce xx
This was me last week!! The scales didn't move!! Keep at it and don't give up. I'm losing again now after bumping it up to ss+ for a week.

Think positive thoughts!


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My OH had this problem a couple of times an didn't lose or hardly lost anything when he had been 100%. He was really down about it so our CDC measured him and he had lost inches instead of lb's. May be the same for you :) keep going, the scales don't always show what other losses can be happening too x


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So this is what I sad to Zippydooh a few days ago

"It is perfectly normal to have a slower loss in week 3 or 4...do not fret, cry or come off the diet. The fat has to come off some time. This is just your body going 'WOAH THERE'S A FAMINE!!! HOLD ON TO EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOOOOOT' until it goes....'Oh - right - I've just remembered what those fat cells are for...silly me - burn baby burn, we need some energy' and it'll keep on like that for a few weeks until I dunno - TOTM, ovulation, a Very Hot Day, a Very Cold Day, a day with a y in it...and it'll suddenly go 'WOOOOAH! FAMINE!!! HOLD ON!' again. Except your metabolism has no way of actually saying what it's doing to your brain and the only tool you have for finding out this is working is a set of scales powered by some springs and a battery when you have 10,000 years of bio-mechanical, metabolic and psychological evolution run by a computer science can't match.

The scales mean nothing. Repeat after me - the scales mean nothing."
thank you ladies!! i think i just got myself so annoyed with not losing anything at all that i thought 'sod it im giving up'.. but i wont

still havent lost anything today, but as lots have said its week 3 syndrome! once ive got past this then i'll be ok...

thanks for posting that cerulean..!

back on the water this morning, i feel like a fish!

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