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WI and age grrr


is gonna shine in 2009
I've lost a 1lb this week.....i'm not going to be down about it cos it's still chipping away and i have 64 weeks to my fab holiday......so if i manage a 1lb a week then thats 4.5 stones.

i used to lose fast always big in the first week but then would still lose fast....like when i was 23 i lost just over 3 stone in 12 weeks on ww.

It's like i've turned 30 and it's bye bye fast weightloss.....oh well chip chipping away it is then lol x
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plodding away
Good words of wisdom LL. I would advise all the younger you do this the better. Easier to lose the weight and more time to enjoy the benefits


is gonna shine in 2009
totally agree!! if i would have know it would slow up as it has, i defo wouldn't have messed around so much.....but we live an learn eh x


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Yup metabolism certainly does slow down....I'm 26 (nearly 27) which is why I want to do this now and keep it off, so it'll not be as hard further down the line!
Likewise; i started when i was 21! thought it's now or never tbh, if i had stayed piling on the pounds god knows how much i would have weighed when i got to 30!! and then trying to get it off would of been way too difficult for me to stick at i feel! So glad that by the time i'm 22 and a half... Dec i'll hopefully be at goal .. and maybe chipping towards maintaining at 10st 7lbs! :) we can all do it just gotta be strong!


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I was only thinking about this earlier today - why did I lose over 3 stone with WW quite easily in my mid 20's yet now in mid 40's I'm having real trouble losing it. I seem to have less motivation, less energy, less will power and MORE FAT! :sigh:

I completely agree with Vanda!


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