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WI day-What to eat and drink?


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hi everyone, tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in and last Tuesday daytime i felt like i was careful about what i ate and drank as i know sometimes when i eat i can but up to 2lbs on but when i got on the scales id lost 3.5 lbs on my first weigh so was v pleased.

anyhoo, my question is what do u eat and drink b4 WI, mine is at 7pm on tuesday so im finding it hard, hope someone understands my jibberish lol xx
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Hiya! I weigh in at 7pm on a monday.

I have breakfast as normal, then lunch is usually omlette, salad, mugshot etc etc. I try to avoid bread but thats becuase it bloats me personally (I know it doesnt affect everyone like this though).

Then I normally have a yoghurt and a coffee about 4pm then nothing untill after Ive been weighed.

I know people who say it doesnt affect your weigh in, but Ive always done this so its my little habit!

Good luck at weigh in tomorrow, be sure to let us know how youve got on! xx


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I weigh at home so I weigh first thing in the morning before I eat anything. I know my aunty never used to eat anything until she'd weighed in, but sometimes I think this backfires because you're tempted to then binge after weigh in. Maybe drink water (but make sure you go for that all important wee beforehand) and just eat some light food, maybe a salad or a sandwich?


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When I was working, I just had my breakfast and lunch as normal so that I could still function through the day! I'm on summer holidays now, so the last couple of weeks I've been really naughty and eaten as little as possible through the day, just snacking on fruit, and then had a massive meal after weigh in. Which can't possibly be good!

Generally, I would make a conscious effort not to eat for maybe three or four hours before weigh in. Although I suppose it's the same as worrying about what to wear - so long as you're fairly consistent from week to week, then the scales should fairly reflect your weight loss.


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I would say the same as Laura as long as your consistant with what you have before your weigh ins I don't suppose it will make any difference. So even if you have something just before you weigh in so long as you eat the similar type of thing each time then it shouldn't affect your weight loss. Hope this all makes as much sense written down as it does in my head!!


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thanks every1 just gonna go with a light snack abt 4pm then have OH to have tea ready after WI so im not tempted to snack xx


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I have breakfast and lunch as normal but my cut-off point for drinks is 3pm before I weigh in at 6pm.


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I'm getting weighed at 5pm, had my usual breakfast, a nectarine, a hi fi bar and now eating my lunch. I'm also onto my 4th large glass of water & had a cup of tea. There's no point in starving yourself or you'll just be miserable and also more likely to binge after the WI. Me personally - I'm just hoping I've wee'ed all this water out by 5pm :giggle:
I wi in 7pm today so ive just had breakfast, lunch and snacked on fruit throughout the day and will have tea when i get back from wi. I have popped a sw chilli in the slow cooker so im not tempted to get any naughty food on the way home, it smells sooooo good I can't wait to get back to eat. Yum.


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