WI Day...


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I definitely eat less for WI day, I usually start 48 hours before, trying to have as few syns as possible and trying not to each anything too 'stodgy' that will 'sit' in my stomach for a long time... I try to go for foods that are easy to digest...

I get weighed-in in the evening so I try to have my lunch as early as possible as well!

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I dont have this problem, as I am doing this myself at home. I weigh tomorrow morning.
When I did go to class, I was being weighed in the evening, so I would have a salad for lunch with a Muller yoghurt for dessert. My last drink of water would be around 3pm (I was being weighed at 6.30) and that was enough for me to see the results. I never went on a Green Day the day before or the day of weigh in either.


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I think what ever works for you... personally as I don't have to go to a weigh in and I sort of think that I am not going to change my way of eating cause I am weighing in on Monday or whenever as what is the point of changing the whole day... what will be will be.

Most go out and have a treat afterwards which is great.. but that treat will go on to next week.. so your not really doing anything different lol.

I know someone who wouldn't eat all day.. then go out afterwards for a drink or 4 haha... I never saw the point of that myself. she was so obsessive about it.. but didn't get it into her head that what she was doing wasn't good for her body.

Ooo rambled again lol... sorry


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I just WI at home so I weigh as soon as I get up on Sunday morning. I don't do anything different the day before or anything.


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My wi is on a Wednesday and I do red days before way in and eat lots of melon and drinks lots of water. I WI in the morning so don't eat anything until I've been weighed then a big round of beans on toast after image therapy!
Rach xx


How come a few are saying about doing red days before WI?

I've only ever done green days as my body doesn't like red meat and chicken and fish is too expensive to eat all day..
What are the differences you see? xx


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My weigh in is a Saturday (do bodyoptimise online) - so tend to have a red day on a friday, get up and weigh myself 1st thing before food. Then always have a slimming world friendly brekkie of eggs, mattesons rashers and bowyers sausages. And don't tend to go to careful on the vino on a saturday eve :)


My second one is tomorrow and i'm well nervous lol...
Cause tomorrow night i'll get an idea of what my weekly loss will be as the first week is always a bit more.. xx