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WI tomorrow- question


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I love you Jaylou!!! LOL that's the answer I was hoping for!! I usually have my takeaways Sat nights but my friend wants me to round tonight oh well i guess if it does theres always nexy week to lose it!!
Nooooooo!! Dont do it!!!

I went out for a chinese meal, was sensible but not strict. No alcohol. and the scales the next day showed 6lbs heavier!!!!!

I was mortified and gave myself the whole 'its not possible for that to happen, its a blip on the scales' type of thing but it has taken 2 very good weeks for the scales to return (this morning coincidentally) to where they were the morning of the said meal!!

I hear of people on here who have a weekly cheat/blow out and still lose.......so unfair!!


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But you can have a chinese takeaway on plan so there's no reason why you should gain that amount of weight!
Chicken chow mein for example is 6 syns and boiled rice is free. Add some other bits and pieces for 9 syns and you have a take away on plan.
Lessoflou, that's such a shame but I really really struggle to see how one meal made you gain 6lb - eek!
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I would never have a takeaway the night before, after WI yes, but i once had a kebab the night before and gained 2lbs, id worked my ass off all week and with it sitting your stomach heavy, i wouldnt do it myself. x


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Sadly, I'm with the "you'll weigh more" brigade - BUT don't let that stop you. Next week, you'll see the effects of both weeks. So you have one bad weigh-in. Big deal. The aim of SW is to eat healthily but still have the odd treat. It's getting right back on plan afterwards that counts (altho I agree with Jaylou - there's no reason having a Chinese should be bad).

Enjoy your Chinese tonight and soak up any possible damage it might do tomorrow with the view that you're back on plan and you've just had a treat. And next week - if you do see a gain - you'll have lost it and more.
Thanks all for your support. I must admit I blamed the scales at first so hot footed it off to Boots (I already know their scales weigh the same as mine)
I really expected it to drop off just as quickly in the next few days and be just a blip, but no, it stuck around.
I had a shared dim sum plate to start with, but didnt eat more than my share, with mushroom chow mein and mixed vegs in oyster sauce and then lychees (god I love them)
I had mineral water and no alcohol and really thought I had been positively virtuous!!
Have just decided I am one of those who cant deviate off plan in the slightest. I darent even mention flexible syns!!!


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Chinese use a lot of MSG in the food which is a form of salt. Many people will retain fluid initially after eating it. Don't forget an excess of 3000 calories more than your body needs will put on a pound of weight that will stay with you until you claw back your intake


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I'd have to agree with Brightonrosie, Chinese food just = salt to me and calorific. Obviously the others are right that some of the food can be ok but if you're asking us about it don't you think that in your heart you know this is a bad time to be eating it. Whatever you decide to do we'll be here after your weigh in to console or congratulate either way :)
I had a chinese the week before last and I STS - I blame the chinese entirely! I think it must be something to do with the salt because it also makes me mega thirsty. It was enough to put me off chinese take away for a long time!

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