WI Week 7 After Egypt All Inclusive...


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Hey all,

I cant keep quiet any longer!! i went to WI lastnight after my holiday and....
In the last weeks i have lost 8.5lbs!!! SOoo happy!! I did ss+ in Egypt and enjoyed it but am so glad to be back on SS. I really missed my scales too lol!

So i had a great holiday with no sweets/alcohol with just a bit of chicken and veg and LOST WEIGHT! Makes all the decisions i made worth it! 3.5lbs and im in the 16s!! yay!!
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Well done Burgerbun!!! That's brilliant!!
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well done you thats brilliant determination excellent news glad you had a good holiday x


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OMG you went on holiday and lost over 8lb!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!! im not sure if i could have done that so you deserve a medal lol

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well done Burgerbun!