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I feel strange about this. Firstly, totally embarrassed, I felt lighter this morning and was kind of expecting at least a 3lber. Yes I'm totally constipated but A QUARTER OF A POUND PEOPLE!

Secondly - I'm surprised at myself. When I've seen ppl stay the same I've always kind of thought to myself 'if that were me I'd want to dive into a chocolate cake and eat my way out'. But instead I felt this rush of determination. So now I realise how ppl have found the strength to go on after a low or indeed no loss. I just have to keep faith that I'm doing it properly and the scales will eventually catch up.

I was in ketosis this morning again so I think those who said that the sticks are unreliable are spot on. I just didn't believe it cus they've always been fine with me. I wasn't hungry at all and I still felt ketotic but the wee sticks just weren't showing me the money.

Anyways -bad WI over, dusted off and carrying on. Sometimes it be that way eh?
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urgh. totally feel for you hun!!! quarter of a pound, you are right tho, the scales will catch up with you. i lost 1lb last week and was gutted as you know! but perhaps the constipation plays a much bigger part than we thought coz i was pretty bad too, and all my clothes are looser this week so maybe it was one of those inches rather than pounds weeks. hope yours is too.

awww hun x bet you were so gutted
good to see that your not put off carrying on and as sarahlou said,its prob to do with the constipation.
hope you see better results next weigh in x


A little of everything!
Like you, I had weeks where I thought 'What the f**K!?!?' I actually GAINED a few weeks, and had to endure my pharmacist looking at me as if to say 'why are you wasting your time when you're obviously not sticking to it'- he eventually took me off it when a ketostix test 'proved' I wasn't in ketosis- even though I'd told him they'd been negative for me since week 1!! I've been maintaining for about 2mths now, and just been through a week where I went up 4lbs for no obvious reason (eating/drinking the same) and realised it was my 'bloat' week i.e. the week before my totm. So in future I know not to panic when my weight fluctuates that much around that time. I'd not really noticed so much before, but the pattern was the same when I was on LT!
It did make me more determined to prove them 'wrong', to let everyone know I was doing it properly- so hang in there. XxX


Motivated by you lot!
Hey it's great that you stayed determined and this has spurred you on even more - that's a great attitude to have.

But also bare in mind that the opposite will happen - some weeks you will feel you haven't lost a thing but when you weigh you'll see that you have. That was me this week - I was positive I had stayed the same (or worse), but in fact I managed to lose 4 more pounds. It seems to be a case of swings and roundabouts, although the weight comes off more than it stays the same or goes on.

Keep you head up and look forward to your next weigh-in.



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Hey Blackrose

Love your dertermination woman! I have to say that being bunged up can make an awful lot of difference (Ive recently found dulcolax the god of all laxatives!) so heres to next week and the scales moving downwards. Best of luck x
Hey, chin up......it'll catch up with you in the end. Last time I got weighted I'd stayed the same and I was GUTTED. But, it does make you more determined. I've missed my weigh in this week as I was away, but roll on Friday and fingers crossed for a good one. I'm sure the same will happen for you too.....you will be absolutely fine!! x


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As I always say

"if you look good and feel good, the scales mean nothing"
Thank you thank you ALL!!! My tummy hurts like mad right now so thanks J-Lo for the dulco lax, I've been thinking about you not goin for 16 days and praying I wouldn't wait that long. Good to know Dulco works -cus Senna does not, not properly anyways if ya know what I mean.

I think its a mixture os being blocked up and my ugly ovaries (PCOS btw) acting up so I'll down the water, get some dulco and next week I'm sure I'll be reporting a much better loss.

Well done for your great attitude.I'm feeling really positive at the mo(only day 2 of restart lol)
I think it's the moon or something(maybe the sunshine)
Good look with duclolax,I felt horrible when I took it but everyones different.:)
Great attitude - keep up the good worka dn you will be rewarded!!! Xxx
Thanks babes. Feeling positive is what'll get you through the first week again woman and then the ball's rolling! Good on ya!!:D
HOw frustrating!! but, sure you'll make up for it next week. you can't stay constipated forever, after all ;) go for a colonic! yikes!
lm sore ao!!

I would if I could Elle! LOL Dulco may do it's job on saturday let me tell ya. A big loss next week -I HOPE! ;)
Better off than on- but I know what you mean hun!

Well done for not diving into the a comfort eating binge.... it's great that you're such a strong, pro-active woman who is no longer resorting to food to make you 'feel better'. Well done with that- it's half the battle!

Next week you'll be back to great losses


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