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Wii Active Personal Trainer

I bought this today and have done the 1st day of the 30 day challenge. It is brilliant, the "personal trainer" encourages you to get it right and the demos of the exercises are very clear.
The 1st workout was 18 minutes and I burnt 187 kalories so v.pleased. :character00116::character00116:

Would recommend to anyone who is interested in stepping up the exercise and has a Wii, the other bonus for me is I can do it when my daughter is in bed.
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soon to be minnie mouse
i have had one on order now for 2wks, still waiting as it is out of stock.
Not sad Jax, its great that were looking forward to exercise, the running and the inline skating really tested me today, loved the boxing though.

scousemouse, 2 weeks is a while for stock hun hope it comes soon for you, picked mine up in Tesco for £34.9_ had checked on net but no cheaper so headed to get it instead. :)

Looking forward to another go tomorrow.
I have got this too. I am on Day 4 of the 30 day challenge, the skating is a killer but I am enjoying everything else and great to be able to do when stuck in with the kids
Day no 2 - 248 calories for 25 minute workout, my knees are killing....will get better as the weight comes off though and as its rest day tomorrow they will get a break before the next workout.

Despite the knees I fell so much better about doing more to aid the weight loss and it will be intersting to see the weeks WI on Wednesday.:)

Totally agree JMx, absolutely loving it and no trips to the gym to worry about fitting on aroung my working day and daughter.
Day 3 - rest day on Wii active personal trainer but as back at work tomorrow am gonna get a load done in the back garden as the grass us up to my knees, did the front last weekend and burnt about 1000+ calories so should help and then we can use it afterwards Lol
oooo i have my fitness coach and wii fit , i should look this one up =]
Day 4 - 20 minutes, 161 kcalories. Struggled on the running today as have a sore back from the gardening yesterday but persevered, just not as fast as they wanted it LOL.
It introduced the dancing today, that was funny. :)
Day 5 - 21 minutes on Wii active=198 kcalories and some walking too.

Day 6 - Thursday - rest day so did walking only. My legs feel like lead today and my knees are v.sore with swelling on my left knee so was glad it was a rest day.
Day 7- Friday. Did 19 mins burnt 171 kcal then felt like doing more??!!
so did a routine I created of 24 mins 216 kcal. Also did 1/2 hr walking

Day 8 - Saturday. Did 21 mins for 200kcal - struggled bit with the running today, probably because I did the extra yesterday as my legs felt v.heavy. Also did 1 hr walking.

Day 9 - Sunday - rest day, think Ive earned this one. :)
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Day 10 Monday - 20 mins - 208 kcal, the running seemed smoother tonight and i was introduced to basketball, did more on the boxing.....loving that exercise.

Day 11 Tuesday - 23 mins - 219 kcal

Day 12 Wednesday - rest day and WI so hopefully will have resolved the 5Ib put on last week through TOM and commencing regular workouts.

map did say yesterday that when you begin regular exercise you may put on weight for a couple of weeks but then it should improve the losses when they start again. The nurse also said I will then burn more calories than I did before for everything I do....even sitting down!!

I definately feel better in myself after 10days and have noticed my bingo wings are more toned. LOL
You are on a wii mission!!
Well done, keep it up :greenapple: x


Regular Loiterer!
Good on ya!!

You've been working hard so i'll keep my fingers crossed that you have worked off the 5lbs :)

I'm up to day 4 on the Active and so far i love it!!

Keep up the hard work :D


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