Wii Cyberbike

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by evanesco, 30 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. evanesco

    evanesco I'm the tortoise.

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  3. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    It doesn't look very substantial, but I love the idea and if Santa left it under the tree I wouldn't say no. Can't justify £200 tho.
  4. evanesco

    evanesco I'm the tortoise.

    It is very expensive isn't it.
  5. Jovy

    Jovy Member

    Blimey! That's what I paid for my real exercise bike! It's a nice idea but I think it would lose it's novelty really quickly.
  6. marcoyap119

    marcoyap119 Member

    it's a bit expensive, i will only consider getting one if the price slashed 50% further.
  7. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    It's now at £99.99. Just bought my Wii tonight but can't justify spending another hundred! o_O
  8. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    £100 not too bad... I would prefer around £60 mark... maybe something or Ebay?

    It would depend for me how small it could be compacted.
  9. sarahandmolly

    sarahandmolly Gold Member

    I don't think it is worth it at all, you can get a real bike for that. I won't be purchasing! :)
  10. krazykaz

    krazykaz Full Member

    Don't waste your money!!
  11. t93

    t93 Member

    I would love to get this for my hubby but can't find it in stock anywhere.
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