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Wii EA active or Wii fit log (daily)


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Hi all

I thought i would do this post so that a few of us can log daily what we done on the wii fit or wii active or both, as i know that it will keep me going as i quit after 2 days.

There is another post with active on it but i think its not just slimming world but not totally sure, so i thought the few of us that want to log our daily exercise and how well we doing (even if you want to add measurements) do so.

Good luck all Wii fit/active mentalists haha
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You're right - there is another Wii Active thread over on the Fitness board. Quite a lot of people posting on there doing 30 day challenges and stuff.

I started my first 30 day challenge when I got the game...then did 2 days and stopped finding the time! LOL! Started again this week though, and going on again tonight. More determined this time!
Yep me too Hellie, done 2 days on mine on the 30 days challenge and then it's been pushed under the TV with the fit board!!
I am planning on doing some exercise tonight and really going for it next week... :D x
Oh I'll join just bought a wii last week, I havn't managed to get on it yet, but I plan to, aiming for my bronze body magic.
I'll join in. I Used mine to get my bronze award then gave up. It's sat glaring at me most of the time whilst I sit slobbing out "thinking" to myself I need to do some exercise to speed up my weight loss


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great idea, I too am guilty of doing it for 2 days then trying not to look at the board which is under the tv, if i keep my head up I can pretend its not there while I watch eastenders, corrie,ghostwhisperer,medium,biggest loser,and just about anything rather that get off my fat arse and do some exercise


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Day One for moi

Omg i am pooped now. :faint2:

Wii fit my age on there was 29 :banana dancer: im 35 so chuffed with that and my bmi was 38.3 so not to bad hahaha

Wii active, right did low for starters and they recommended 100.8 for burnt calories and i did 115.5 so :woohoo:gooo me.

Come on lets get shifting our flab hahaha good luck all.

Also my resting days i might go gym on the bike or maybe swimming for few lengths :D


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I've had my Wiifit for a month. It's got me from a couch potato to doing 4 hours a week :eek:. I find that Wiifit is ok but fairly limited. I do however do the free step while watching tv and I do some of the muscle exs and yoga. I found My Fitness Coach (£9.99 on amazon) more challenging, but got Sports Active 3 days ago, and my word it's in a different league! I'm pouring with sweat after 2 mins and I feel like I've been to the gym with a personal trainer! And that's after only 20 mins! I've done it for 2 days, and thank God I have a rest day today! My legs are SO stiff! But I'll be on it first thing tomorrow morning! It's the price of 1 months gym membership and saves the petrol!


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Day Two on wii active

right thats its im totally pooped feel like gonna collapse hahaha

Ok they set the burnt calories today at 130 and i managed 135, and what is it with all these lunges omg they did my head in every other one exercis lol, god knows what the trainer got for my next daily exercise (thank god got rest day tomoz) ohh judimac please tell me how you got on today as im doing day three on monday.

Good luck all and i hope ya sweat buckets like me :D
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Reporting for duty!

Day 3.

The good news is it's only about 18 mins! Well that's the good news! You know how it gives a preview of the next workout? And it said about upper body work? Yippee I thought! Cos I'm really strong in the arm department, and the band isn't that strong! So warmup is gentle walk, then running, which seemed to go on forever! And yes you have the bicep curls and lateral raises, rows and shoulder presses, BUT! They have side to side jumps, and the in line skating,
and of course the inevitable lunges! But only the sideways ones which don't hurt my knee.But the cute bit for cool down was dance moves! Not that I'm co-ordinated! Which reminds me there was tennis too! It seemed to pass in a flash! But I sweat buckets and exceeded my calorie estimate, and got my 1 hour trophy!
Then I went onto the custom workout section and did a minutes hard bag boxing! Another 9 cals thankyou I thought my arms would drop off!
I even did 30 mins free step on wiifit while watching the Tour de France this afternoon.


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Up early so I decided to strike while the iron was hot!


It announced that it was going to be harder than day 3 :eek:, but in all honesty, either I'm getting fitter, or the fact I did it first thing (which is when I like to exercise) I didn't notice THAT much difference. They are sneakily upping the reps on everything, and the lunge jumps are :eek:, there are squat jumps, and of course the inline skating. But the running seems to be coming on,the boxing was FUN! And I beat my calorie score. Dripping of course, but I'm surprising myself.I'd have thought at my age (58) all these lunges and jumping would have wrecked my knees (and my right hip is abit dodgy), but not a bit of it! I can see definition in my thigh muscles and things are begining to tone up in my butt! Now if I could only lose the stomach!


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I thought I;d pop on the Wii Fit tonight, but i can't get it to work!
The Wii is on, and the disk is in, but when I change channel on the tv i can't find it :-(
I thought I;d pop on the Wii Fit tonight, but i can't get it to work!
The Wii is on, and the disk is in, but when I change channel on the tv i can't find it :-(
Have you got an 'AV' button, or something that says EXT or a circle with an arrow coming out of it? It's usually on an external channel....


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LOL jes! That would be me!

Come on chaps! We're down on page 4!
Rest day yesterday, should have been monday but I did day 5 so I could have a rest day yesterday with having class. I don't work wednesdays so I'm going to get the shopping done then after lunch I shall have a good session.
The fantastic news is! Tho I lost 1/2lb this week (I nearly said only!) I got my tape measure out and I've lost 1/2" off my bust and (wait for it!) 1" off my hips in the last fortnight!!!!!!!!!:eek: My waist however refuses to budge, so I'll have to do some abs.


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woooohoooo judi congrats hun.

Well yesterday was okies i forgot to write what i suppose to do but other two days i had rests so its all go from now on until next rest day haha, bit worried about getting weighed tbh as when i exercise i normally put on or sts for weeks so just hoping i lose a little.

Will report after dinner i think as i gotta take kids to get hair cut at me mums then onwards to man united as they got a big fair there today called blackpool fair at united and rides only 99p so when im back will go on it.

Good luck all and congrats again judi :D


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Ohhhh just noticed congrats on ya silver and bronze too judi hehe


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Thanks Jacqui!
Just done day 6. Lots of upper body work and basketball for the first time! We have low ceilings so wacked the doofer against the ceiling!:D. I beat their projected calories by about 10 each time. But I shall get on the Wii and do some yoga and muscle work later I need to do longer than 18 mins a day if I'm going to get my gold!

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