Wii Fit and Free Step


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Just been on the Wii Fit and unlocked free step - my fav thing on the wii fit so I can now watch a soup while doing my steps!!! Whoooohooooo and it told me I have lost 3lbs another wooooohooooo.

I love my wii fit, between that, the cross trainer and mini trampoline I think I can say I am wanting to do exercise!!! Miracles do happen!!!! :8855:
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do you mean soap or am i missing something?!!

i haven't got that far with it yet - how does free step work?

i agree the wii is exercise i actually enjoy!


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I unlocked the free step today too but haven't tried it out yet. It get's so confusing! lol


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I love free step!! I love all the step ones in fact :)


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Oooh i love the step on wii fit but i haven't unlocked the free step yet, i'm really rubbish at most of the wii fit stuff so i usually give up. How often do you use it?


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Oooh, what a good idea! I have it but have never used it (freestep) because it seemed a bit boring, but never thought about putting it on and switching the telly on. Will set it up during the next break on BB!


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I had freestep on it but managed to delete my profile so have had to start again!

So handy if there is a program you don't want to miss :)


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I like thee free step, because it means you can still use the board without taking over the TV when all the family are about.

Although I've had my WII Fit since last April & have had everything unlocked for ages, so really hope they bring out a new disk soon!!


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I unlocked Freestep today too..was great to rack up the steps and the minutes while watching eastenders..i love my wii fit (just a shame im useless at the balance games!)