Wii Fit - do you still use yours?


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I've just put on anther post that i am determined to get back on the wii fit tonight and burn up some calories.
A few months ago we were all trying to get one and they were so scarce. My brothers family are hoping to get one for Christmas and i think some of the packages are hard to get as is the wii fit again this year.
Just wondering if you are all still using yours or is it (a bit like mine) gathering dust under the telly.:break_diet:
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Im still using mine.Just waiting for mine to get wired to my projector and 80inch screen and then i will be on it a whole lot more

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I was thinking of getting one for Crimbo just for the Wii Fit - does the novelty wear off quickly then?


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mine is in a drawer but that's just because i got out of the habit. if you keep on doing it and it becomes habit it's brilliant. if not... tends to gather dust... ha.

abz xx


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I used to use it all the time until my other half decided to set up a whole sound system and now I daren't touch any of the wires for fear of breaking the whole thing!

If you can keep it plugged in and set up all the time then I think there's much more chance of it getting used but if you have to go through the faff of setting it up each time then you're less likely to bother!


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I haven't used mine in a while, that's cos I'm spending every spare second studying for exams in December. As soon as they are over I'm gonna get straight back into it. It's hard though, cos I work about an hour and a half from my house, by the time I get home I'm wreaked but to be honest I'm dying to get back into it again


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I used to be on mine every night but not been on it for weeks, think i'll go on it now thinking about it has shamed me into it