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Wii Fit - I'm after one


soon to be skinny minnie
I hope you manage to find one as they are great. Have you tried amazon and all those places. What about ebay (though they were selling them for more than the shops)
I hope you manage to find one as they are great. Have you tried amazon and all those places. What about ebay (though they were selling them for more than the shops)
Amazon is the cheapest at the moment at £69 (P&P on top of that) On ebay they were going for anywhere above £80 without P&P! It makes me laugh when folks think they're getting a bargain on ebay when they're actually cheaper elsewhere LOL.


soon to be skinny minnie
It is just because they are so much in demand. i think nintendo do this deliberatley so that they are so in demand that people just want one coz they can't get one. The guy in the shop when i by chance got one said that they are not going to be readily available until next year about april.

My friend got her daughter one just for the sake of it, just because everyone wanted one, the thing is her daughter didn't even want it or doesn't play with it. Her mum just has to have everything that everyone else has. It is not fair for the people that genuinly want one and can't get one. It isn't really good for kids. My son goes on it and it shows him as being obese, he is only 7 and is a wee skinny. It is because childrens bmi is different from adult bmi chart.

Oh and the shops are fly too. When they get them in now they are selling them as part of a package with the wii.

Anyways i hope you get one and soon. If i hear of anyone willing to sell for reasonable price will let you know.


soon to be skinny minnie
That's great, i think you just need to check with shops on a daily basis as even they don't know when they are getting them in. They get deliveries up to 4 times a week.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i got my friend to pick one up for me back in sept/oct at gamestation as i know they're really hard to get hold of...so when she found some in stock i said GET IT! it's my xmas prezzie from my OH but if i waited for OH to organize it i would end up with no wii fit for xmas!

there are websites that track stock in various stores. i'd check argos online daily - that's how we got our wii last year.
I was very lucky to get the last one in Comet, the day after they were released.

But my mum also put her name on the list at Woolworths and got it within about a week to 10 days and paid normal price.

Fraid I won't be selling though, cause I think it's great.

If you know anyone who is going to France, for a booze run or maybe an Xmas trip to disney, they are readily available there. They had them everywhere when we were there in the summer. Not sure if formats are still an issue with digital, but would just check that out first.

Hope this helps.

Lisa x
I was lucky to get one online at Argos and had it delivered there are several websites out there that will tell you who has them in stock now and for how much, but you do have to be quick!


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