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wii fit - i'm no longer obese!!

Nice one Daisy. These milestones are just great- I ordered a comic relief T-shirt a few weeks ago, large of course - it arrived yesterday and its too big! wahey:)
Thats fantastic hun :) I got my race for life t-shirt the other day in a 12-14 and it's too big lol the event isn't til' may so it's going to be huge by then lol!

It's these little steps that feel the best!

Emma xXx
Congratulations ladies

You might have to get another T shirt each - petite!!
the wii fit is great - mindyou you do actually have to use it to have any effect lol!

some games really make your arms ache - the sonic and mario olympic in particular.
the wii fit game is good - i like the step and the boxing best, but they aren't challenging enough, im waiting to see if they bring out a complete step one. the yoga and muscle ones i dont tend to go on as i get bored - i like the aerobic ones.
the hula hoop is good
i am guilty of ignoring it a lot of the time - but i do have to fight 3 kids to get on my game, disney princesses seems to be winning at the moment
daisy x
I've got Gillian Michaels wii fit workout on order (she's one of the trainers on the biggest loser) it's not released til' next month though. I love the step and boxing too but again it's just not challenging enough, I still do them every day for toning though!

Emma xXx
so that is where i went wrong all the time, i thought i could slim down by looking at it duhhh lol

Will have to jump on it today at some point and start the regime, sounds good to me daisy and well done once again you are looking fab.
Looking young H

Look at Huseyin in the 32" jeans, congratulations.
When I was obese I thought one consolation was that large people looked young for their age!
So,how come we all look younger when we lose weight?
Crooked thinking when we are big ti make us feel better I think.
Huseyin you look young and fit. Well done.
PS. I like the mirror too.
I also got over excited and in one particular enthusiastic attempt to floor my brother with a right hook I accidentally smashed the clock off the mantlepiece. Dangerous!


Is back in the saddle!
Me too! Strained left forearm boxing and right arm with tennis. Pathetic eh!!

Well done Daisy, hope it's a hugly different tune, mine is imminent! (I'm still stepping, but not much this week been too busy!)
LOL at the injuries from Wii Fit!! Hee hee!! Mind you, I once put my back out and couldn't walk for weeks, and I was only WATCHING Wimbledon!!! ;-)

Daisy, you are doing brilliantly!! Doesn't it feel so fabulous to go down the BMI points?!
Don't do it!

You see, if you don't exercise you don't get injured - you stay healthy!
Exactly my point..............!!!!:copon:

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