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Wii Fit Plus? Does it work?

Hey everyone.

I got an early Christmas Pressie today, Wii Fit Plus.

Wondering do these really help with weight loss at all?
I have to say I really enjoy the free step game where you step on and off the board for 30 mins which is about 2000 steps.

So does anyone else use these?

Would be great to know some info on them.
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Hi, one of my friends said that Wii Fit Plus plays big role in her weight loss success, but I must admit in her case it worked mostly in combination with low fat diet. She reduced fat food dramatically.
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I have had the Wii Fit Plus a couple of days now. I had the original game and used that for a long while. I haven't tried all the new games on Wii Fit Plus but I've noticed that Rhythm Marching and Cycling REALLY work your legs. Segway really made my calves stretch. I was feeling it even the next day.


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Its brilliant. Had it a few weeks. Love the freestep, hoola hooping (which was on the original game). Cycling is a favourite, along with the snowball fight, juggling etc etc.

It has certainly helped me to loose inches.

I have been using the wii for afew days now and using it as my main source of exercise!

And I have to say IT WORKS!
Very happy with the Wii Fit Plus!
It's nice to go on it and be greeted with positive and helpful comments from the Board Icon.

It's been really fun I enjoy the 20Min freestep and Hula Hoop aswell as the Yen candle for relaxing.

I really reccomend getting one of these and sadly they won't be loweing the price in the sales after xmas :(


cos i need this xxx
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im loving mine :) i have been bad and gorged until today since a break away in november but the xmas period has nudged me back into weight loss mode and i love my wii fit plus!! its so much better than the wii fit original as the calorie counter help you keep going till youve done a good workout and the combine setting on "my wii fit plus" lets you get a good workout withiut stopping and starting loads to select exercises!!

10 out of 10 lol

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I have the ea active and hope to start the 30 day challenge next week when I start my diet (and the kids are back at school so I can use the wii).
I got a wii for christmas too, well the family did, and we have a Wii Fit board and the normal game.
I think anything that gets you moving more than you would have done before definitely helps with weight loss and calorie burning etc etc.

I've always been into games, and previously we'd sit down to play GTA with a tub of pringles n dips etc... lol. Now at least Im stood up jumping about playing games, saves me calories anyway!

I enjoy the games more.

But I'm still to conscious of my backside wiggling to do the hula hoops in front of anyone.. :p


cos i need this xxx
S: 20st8.5lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st8.5lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 1st5.5lb(6.76%)
just got just dance on the wii and my god its good!!

i did a few dances on it and was sweating and shaky and all lol - thought id done about 15 mins but was 49!! was so fun and sooo didnt feel like work, but im sure my muscles will ache from it tomoro :D


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Really counting on the Wii + Wii Fit Plus and balance board that I ordered last night in helping boost my losses.

I'm super lazy when it comes to exercise - think even a lazy sod like me will stick to it?
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My boyfriend/fiance got me this for christmas. It is great fun - I havent used it a great deal but I love the hula hoops, the step dancing, the cycling to collect the flags and the running. It is currently in my shed, but I am going to move it to my bedroom so I can get some more use out of it.

The last time I did a body test my wii fit age was 20 - which is 6 years younger than I am! :)
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We bought Wii Fit Plus 3 weeks ago and so far I've lost 18lb's and My husbands lost 12lb! I love the hula hoop, boxing, step and cycling.
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I have been using the wii fir plus and balance board for over a month now. i hav ebeen really watching what i eat, not eating at night, and even was on hydroxycut the last two months and ive only managed to lose between 5-10 lbs. Ive never worked so hard at it in my life, and feel like im getting little to no results. I work out at least 40 minutes a day on the wii fit, my calorie goal is set at 390 and i usually always make it, plus i walk and dance on the Michael Jackson wii game. Why am i not seeing any results?? ive cut my calories down at least 500 a day on a bad day :( Anybody else experiencing similar problems or have any advice?

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