Wii fit Routin


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I made a routine on the Wii Fit Plus made of muscle and yoga routines to help build suppleness and the rhythm boxing and step game for cardio building and fun.

I bought EA Sports Active and EA Sports Active More Routines for the 4 and 6 week challenges, which even a naturally lazy person like me can enjoy, but I also use the boxing and step routines on More Routines just for fun.

Using my fitness routine on the Wii and the boxing and step routines I can easily burn up 6-700 calories over 3 x 15 minutes sessions a day.


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On the wii fit plus I tend to do the boxing, step and rythm parade. I've found that I can burn about 100 calories in 20 mins doing this. The hula hoop game is also good for burning off calories if you can manage to keep the hoops up (which I've only managed to do twice).


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i made a set routine of:
muscle work, lunges, plank ect,
3 min boxing,
more muscle,
6 min boxing,
10 min boxing,
10 min step,
10 min hula hoop,
short distance run,
yoga :)
i do alot of the core strengh muscle ones more, key to a good stomach is a strong core :)


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The running is quite fun.