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Wii fit - worth it?

When I actually get to use it my Wii is great and I love the Wii Fit. I have Wii Fit + too and sports resort which can also be fun.

We currently have the builders working away and the house is a mess but when it is liveable again I intend on having a go with Just Dance which was recommended to me.

Wii Fit is quite low impact so is a really good starting point if you haven't done much exercise recently, like someone I know :rolleyes: oops! ahha


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Yes and no. the first few weeks i used mine everyday, i dont remember the last time i used it now! Its just gathering dust under my tv cabinet...
wii fit is alright and works if you are disciplined enough to keep using it - (Like you Shabba its daily for a while then soon gathers dust!) - Just Dance is great fun but like most exercise investments, once the novelty time has worn off it goes in the cupboard again! I have both and really should have a go again.....motivation please!!!!


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I think its like any sort of exercise tool / dvd / game, I guess you get out what you put in... I had my Davina dvd for 2 years and tried it once, ruling it out as too hard (really I couldnt be bothered), now I do it 3 times a week and am joining a Zumba class next week... I guess if you have the motivation it would be a really good place to start xxxx
Thanks guys.

Hmmm well i was thinking of getting one off ebay, cheaper than the shops then if I don't get on with it I can recoup my money.
Like others have said, it's great IF you use it...

I find it's really good for me. I have ME and so can't really do much (without knackering myself for days) but the fact that I can do three minutes of step every other day, in my living room is great. I can't do any more than that, and because I can do it in whatever I'm wearing means that I do do it. If I had to go to a gym, get changed, and then attempt a half hour or hour class, I'd be dead. Literally, and probably before I got out of the changing rooms (tying laces is one of the toughest things I can attempt - thank god for Uggs!)

Plus then I lie on the settee laughing at my best mate (who I share a flat with) doing all the fun bits I can't manage!

However, I do have an issue...it weighs about 1/2 a stone light, even when we have just re-set it. Oh well! I only use the weight as a guide...the only scales I go by are the ones at class.
Thnx emmy,
I've taken the plunge, they have an offer on at the moment in argos, buy the wii compatible board for £59.99 and get a selected game free, I got the wii fit plus.
I have a giftcard that was given to me so will use that.


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i love the wii fit. BUT i havent used it in a while. i just need to get motivated. i used to use it in the morning, but now i have a puppy i take her out instead. have just bought Just Dance 2 though. excited about using that. will probably challenge my son later on today.
We have one and its great, but I prefer the dance mats. I got two so my friends can come and play too - we get knackered, its really good exercise. The dance mats are cheaper than the wii fit so maybe have a go at that first.
I bought the Wii fit last night.
I'm just away to set it all up in a bit.
I bought the Wii compatible board for £60 and got Wii fit plus free, so not a bad price and I can always sell it on.
I have to say that I am like most people who have replied to this post, and love my wii fit, but don't use it that often any more. However, it is a great low impact activity and the wii fit plus in particular is brilliant.
My little boy (ages 6) said he wants to do it with me, not that he needs to loose any weight, but excersise is good so I want to get him involved if possible.


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I don't find mine worth it, to be honest. I don't think the intensity is high enough to actually burn any fat - I'd much rather do an exercise DVD.
I don't find mine worth it, to be honest. I don't think the intensity is high enough to actually burn any fat - I'd much rather do an exercise DVD.
Yes see I cant do any high intensity excersise at the moment due to back, sciatica and knee prob.
I'm only 26 and I feel like an old lady! lol:eek:


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I think the Wii board/fit is amazing!! It is already dark by the time i get home from work, and i really hate the gym so it is perfect for me!! You do have to push yourself to go on it everyday but i love some of the 'games' especially the boxing one. You feel great after 'punching' the bag for 10mins! :D



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Ouch! Maybe it's the perfect thing for you then!! Maybe avoid the hula hooping! ;)

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