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Wii Fit

Hi I can't answer your question but have another, was thinking of buying a wii rather than a gym membership what do you think, would you recommend one? X
I love my Wii and Wii fit plus all the additional games you can get. I've also got a gym membership (not been in months due to an op) but the Wii Fit is fab, great for balance problems and anyone who has a problem with joints/back etc without causing pain and any further damage. My surgeon and physio both recommend the Wii Fit for fitness and rehablitation purposes.

I tend not to go off the scales as mine keep saying I'm gaining weight rather than loosing it:cry: Quite disappointing really, even changed the batteries to see if that helps but nope, always makes me gain weight yet I'm loosing it, go figure :confused:

I would say get one (lots of friends have got one since we did) and enjoy it to the full, mine come out when we have people over. God even my dad fell in love with it last year when he visited for Christmas (recovering from a heart attack and surgery in the April and nearly 60, complete technophobe) and its so funny to watch people doing it when they've been drinking, great party games :D
Ive just got one after nagging dh for one since June and i love it, Not been on much so far but its that good even my dh who will take root and sit in one posistion for days if allowed enjoys it. Its got nice gentle exercise and things a bit more tough, ive discovered i basically have zero balance lol. The Chicken game is hilarious too, will be laughing at drunk friends trying that out :D
For the weight, you need to ensure that your Wii Fit board is on a completely flat, hard surface - if it's not, this might explain why the weight is so wrong....
I've not got a wii fit but really want one!! Although I do have home scales and can't use them because they are unreliable due to uneven floors in my flat and it's a nuisence finding exactly the same spot every week as I don't have the room to keep them out. I have to store them away. Even though yours are 10lb over, could you use them to judge weight lost, rather than the weight it says? xx


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I've been using the Wii fit, and more recently Wii fit plus, since they came out, and I LOVE them!

I also toyed with a gym membership, but it's just so much hassle compared to doing it indoors, and as far as weight loss goes I only really need the cardio vascular stuff which is in abundance on the Wii fit games (in particular: free step, free jog, rhythm boxing, obstacle course, cycling, and I couldn't leave out flying like a chicken haha). All good fun, all in the privacy of your own home, all without having to travel, and all free once you have the Wii and game!

As for the weight, mine has always been quite accurate - about 2lb different from my actual scales. If you are doing it to help with weight loss though, it doesn't matter how innacurate they are, as however out they are for your initial weigh in, they should be the same amount out for the following weigh ins. In other words, despite the actual weight showing wrong, the weight loss will be correct. You have to make sure you place the board in exactly the same place each time though.

If you have a thick pile carpet, you can get leg extensions for the fit board which help with accuracy.

I have recently started to put a block of wood under mine, lifting it off the floor a further 1.5 inches or so. Weights not affected, but it makes me work that little bit harder each time and I suspect is helping my weight loss/muscle development a little more.

I also love My Fitness Trainer Cardio Workout, which is basically a boxing training game. You don't actually get to fight anyone as such, but it is about the training a boxer would have and it works me into much more of a sweat than Wii fit ever has!

Have fun :)


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I got wiifit plus this week. Much better than the old one, I have made a 15 min yoga workout which I do every day, and yesterday ended up jogging round the island! (I thought it would be the 3 min one!)
It's quite gentle so I use Sports active (which is more like a gym workout) and the NewU Fitness first one, which I'm not as keen on as it's 15 mins tho you can choose goals, but I do pilates on that, but it often doesn't pick up your movements.
I wouldn't use the board as a scale, it's far from accurate,bares no relation to the SW scales.
I used to go to the gym, but now I can get all the benefits in my lounge, so I'm saving money, and travelling costs(and I know the shower is clean!)
Is it worth getting the Wii Fit Plus if you already have the old version? If there's quite a bit different then I may try it. Got mine out finally last week - it had been 170-odd days since my last visit!! Oops! However, it said I was about 6lbs heavier than I had weighed in at SW....


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I got wiifit plus on wednesday. The good thing about it is there are a fair few new games and you can put together a yoga/ musclework programme to suit you, or let the computer do it for you, you can choose how long to do it for. I've done a 15 min yoga programmeand have done it every day. You don't have to go back to the menu the exercises just follow on to each other. You don't have to unlock the higher levels of the games either. And it adds in your previous data.It also gives you a calorie count for what you've done based on your weight, tho how accurate that is I don't know.
But it's got me back exercising and it is better than the old one. It'll keep me going till the new Sports Active comes out. I'll probably use it mostly for the yoga and mucle workouts rather than the games, but the segway one is fun.And you can do free jogging which I never unlocked on the old one.
Thanks for all the helpful advice :) I'm assuming the inaccuracy to be due to the carpet in the lounge then, however, it's strange that mine's always under and everyone else is over..I think i'm going to get Wii Fit plus with my staff discount at work. Another good one for those of you who like to do aerobic type workouts is 'My Fitness Coach' Happy Wii'ing ;)


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Oh i have asked for this for xmas so enjoyed reading all your thoughts on it!! Sounds fabby lets hope santa leaves one under my tree on xmas day!!!
Hi everyone,
Pinktiger thankyou for all the advice it sounds really great fun and i've just ordered it from Amazon - there's a great offer on at the moment.
Claireloulou, Laddiesboy and Judi thank you for your thoughts and advice too. I can't wait for it to arrive now!! x
Hiya, i got a wii fit for xmas last year, and think its really good :)
There is a 2lb difference on mine compared to getting weighed in class.
The wii fit has me 2lb lighter...
I use mine on laminate flooring.
Well Stacy it obvious that none of them are quite right but what I have been using mine for is to calculate the difference in weight between weigh ins, but I guess thats a bit naughty, and I must admit slightly disheartening when it says i've gained/maintained.

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