Wii Fit??


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Hi all :)
What an annoying week, my chemist went into liquidation so I couldn't start when I wanted:(
Found a new one and starting tomorrow yaay!

Well I love the treats for feats thread and thinking about adding the wii fit to my list, any advise, are they good?

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ya i loved mine last year when i came off lt but unfortunatly didnt stay on it, going to wait till my firs wi is over me this time and take it out again, i also have wii active but to be honest i perfer the wii fit, its more fun ! best of luck tommor :)

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Hey honey! No idea if it's any good but I've heard very good things about it and am just waiting for mine to be delivered! :D


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Yup it sure is good :) My bf got me the Wii Fit plus for crimbo and i much prefer that one as it tells you calories, you can set up routines and do specific routines targeted at your problem area :) I'd defo say its a worthy investment.
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I am going to get my wii fit out and start using it again! I did enjoy it. But when you get on it it gives you a mini person with your BMI. I looked like a wee chump... but its nice to see as your BMI shrinks so does your mini person....

being fat looks weird on the mini person... god know what i must look like!! lol xox really made me think!!!


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I have one but only used it once lol! must get it out again actually!
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Haha, that's exactly why I have not had mine out for the last year - the shame of a tubby avatar was too much for me to take, especially when the in laws came to play lol xx

OMG - I havent been on mine from I was slim... I can just see my wee slim sexy gorgeous avator expanding into a wee umpalumpa before my eyes... the shame... lol

ahhhh.... mission get a slim wii fit avator and keep her slim!! never mind me - what about my poor avator!!!!


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Good luck on your restart. I loved the wii fit. I used to like it when you put your big weight losses in, it used to be shocked and say you were losing too much. Unfortunately I put it away and like all my dvds don't bother with it.


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mmm, methinks I might have to get mine out again! Used to be good fun with the kids and I would love to have a skinny, sexy avatar!


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Yes, you've just reminded me how much fun the Wii fit is, I think I'll get mine out tomorrow.! If I remember rightly hula hoops were great


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I just got a new Wii the other day (the black one - tres sleek!) and I'm waiting on my Wii Fit Plus and Board to be delivered - after reading the above comments I can't wait to get it and try it out!

Not looking forward to seeing my blob of a Mii on it though! :eek:

rainbow brite

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Got mine this morning and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :D