Wii Games, Kinect & PS Move!


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Hello luvlies!

Just wondered if any of you use the Wii, Playstation Move or the Xbox Kinect for your exercise?

I have all of the above consoles, but haven't used the Wii in a long time. The other half uses the PS Move for golf and we've not really used the Kinect (it was a freebie lol) as not really enough room here.

I used to use the Wii Fit Plus, but after a year or so I got bored with it. Wish there was an update for it! So I'm looking to start using these systems for indoor exercise as I feel they would be a good place to start exercising again. I've tried the EA Active as well, so may give that another try.

Any advice on games etc you guys use would be greatly appreciated!

D* xXx

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I use my Wii fit, I have gotten bored of most of the games but I use the free step on 30 mins with some small hand weights doing bicep curls, boxing jabs as i step up, etc. pump my music up loud and get to it =P usually do an hour but if I have gone over my calories a little bit I will do another hour, burns 120 calories for 30 mins at 11st 12lbs. xxx

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At the moment im enjoying the dance ones on the Wii - I love a good boogie and it hardly seems a chore at all.

Not sure I will make Britains got Talent mind you :D:D


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I work in videogames, so I'm pretty much a massive geek, and I can say, hands down, in terms of technology and tracking, Kinect wins by a mile. Kinect tracks your WHOLE body, whereas Move and Wii are limited to mostly your hand. In terms of games, although EA Sports Active gets all the advertising, in my opinion you can't beat The Biggest Loser. I use it all the time. I've probably put over 100+ hours into that game. Tracks me really well. A good selection of exercises (plus you can download a pilates expansion pack for a fee.) In the reviews it also beats Sports Active. Just doesn't have the advertising behind it!


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I have a Wii and kinnect and the kinnect is far better in my opinion. I have the biggest loser on both consoles and the kinnect one is much more accurate in tracking your movements. Although the exercises seem to be similar on both versions, I sweat a lot more using the kinnect- I think this has something to with seeing my outline working out in the corner of the screen! I'm also loving zumba fitness for the kinnect (even with 2 left feet).


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I have a wii and use wii fit but LOVE the Zumba for the Wii, it's a great workout and soooo much fun

Catherine x