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wii - my fitness coach


wants a new body
got it this morning!
had a go
it says on case "get in shape with your own personal fitness coach"

it says nothing about her being a bossy bully lol
she's had me on the floor, jumping up and down like a loony
i have just survived my first 15 minute workout and i am knackered
you put your weight and your measurements in and the bossy cow will tell you what you need to work on!
i presume that there is different intensitys but it will be a while before i try them lol
but i think once i get my feet to work properly then it will be more beneficial than the wii fit but the balance board comes in handy for the step routine on my fitness coach
i got it for £17.99 off play.com and i love it!!!
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I must admit, am starting to find wii fit a bit boring now.....might look into this soon. Let us know how you're getting on with it in a couple of weeks.x


wants a new body
this does you a work out and i just done my 1st 15 one, i gonna do it mon to fri when i on my own
have weekend off lol



wants a new body
its now evening and i can tell you i ache in places i had forgotten i had lol
i now realise just how out of shape i am
my thighs are killing lol
i was even doing press ups lol and i am hopeless at them at the best of times!
hopefully this as well as the gym will help get my flabby ar*e into gear lol
i only got as far as the taking my pulse was getting well stressed out with it every time i found my pulse and pressed go i lost my pulse again!!!! grrrrrrrr will have to do it again when there is someone to press the buttons for me

but i will tell u the best game i've played on the Wii Samba De Amigo

sounds pants but its soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun really good for the arms and i like all the music!!! :) we got ours for £9.99 @ sainsburys but think that was a managers speacil mainly seen it for £20 @ asda / tesco etc!!! xxx


Silver Member
Set mine up during the week last week.

Did my first session yesterday...only lasted 15 mins, then my mum turned up, then tea was ready, so I gave up!! Burned about 160 cals though.

Managed to get a full hour in today...really tough, used the cardio one. Found that my trampette helped with the impact though. Burned well over 250 cals, so allowed myself a few extra hob nobs...25% less fat ones obviously...LOL


wants a new body
well! its day two and bossy boots was in full steam today lol
just done first cardio!
it beat me in places!
but worth it lol
i just know i gonna be sufferin later lol

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