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Wii... now what do i do with it???


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ok. My OH decided he fancied a Wii, so off he popped and got one. So what I now need from you lovely Mini-Wii-ers is to tell me just how I can use it for exercise??? So Far all I've managed is Super Mario lol. Hardly exercise, more an exuse to argue with my OH for pushing me down a hole or stealing all the gold coins...

??? I just don't get it... :| xx
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Stupid Mario! He steals most of my evenings! :)

Did you get Wii Sports or Wii Fit with it?

I would recommend getting Just Dance - this is the most fun game i've played in ages even if the music is cheesy!


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wii fit plus and just dance - loads of fun!!! you soon will be flapping like a chicken.....on both games :D xxx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oooh... yeah well we are trying to decide what to get. I can't do too much of things like Just Dance, I have a joint/ligament problem (hypermobility) so not allowed to do too much impact exercise :( spoils all my fun.

Think it'll have to be Wii Fit Plus. Xx


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EA sports active (or whatever its called something like that) is meant to be really good and its on offer at the moment at play.com for 19.99

much cheaper than buying the wii fit board! and apparantly really good! don't actually own it myself but been considering getting a wii so been looking into all this kinda stuff. think it seems a good starting point then if it doesn't get used as much as it should its not as bad as spending 70 on the wii fit board and game!



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OK, it's not exercise but it gets quite fraught here at times when we're playing Mario Kart! We probably burn off loads of calories with the jumping up and down etc!


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Ok i have wii fit, my fitness coach and ea sports active and have to say that i sweat the most when i use the ea sports active and my fitness coach - but prefer ea sports active because the trainer and graphics are better and the exercise program seems really well thought out. Having said that, i think that ea sports active would be too high impact if you have joint problems. I think the best bet is to start with the wii fit and then once you get more confident investigate the my fitness coach and ea sports active, maybe you can see if anyone you know has it so you can try before you buy :) Good luck!


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I actually thought I might be pushing my luck with EA Sports Active (I'm 59 and iI have suspect knees) So I was a bit nervous about the lunges and squats, but I reckon if you start off on easy it will be fine. It's really toned the whole of my body and I haven't had any trouble with my joints. It's also completely changed my shape. I lost 2" off both my waist and hips in the first month. Did slow my weighloss initially but I lost inches.
The Biggest Loser is also good and cheaper. Much better for core work.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
We went to Game today and I got "Your Shape" for £29.99 (reduced from £50!). Comes with a camera to track your movements so no controller/board needed! It has (apparently) over 400exercises for cardio, toning, flexibility and weight loss routines! Sounds great, won't find out until my LO has a nap tomorrow!! :) can't wait to give it a go! Xx


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As you have joint problems, I wouldn't recommend the AE Active Personal Trainer, but the Wii Fit Plus will be brilliant for you. The games are so much fun and you can go as high or low intensity as you want for the exercises, dropping those altogether that don't suit you.
I started with the Wii Fit Plus having knee problems. I've now started on the EA Active Personal Trainer, but am really feeling it in my knees after only two low intensity workouts.

I love the Wii!! For 'non-exercise' games my faves are the lego games - Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars. They are SO much fun!!!