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Wilhelmina's Journey

You're doing great hun. All I can say is keep at it. It really does become a way of life & if you view the success gallery you will just be so motivated by their losses.
I am here cos I am struggling today & I dont think anyone on here hasnt had a rough day here & there but just drink more water or black tea/coffee & if necessary have an early night cos you will wake up with a totally different head on & so proud of yourself for conquering another day :)

Good luck with it cos the results are amazing when stuck to


Gonna be slim again
WOW 10lb !!! thats fantastic Wilhelmina (what a lovely name!) Dont worry the first week is always the hardest, your have done the hard work, now just settle yourself into a routine and get posting on here regularly. Drink plenty of water at least 3 litres and your fly.
Well done again hun
Hi Wilhelmina, i am in exactly the same position, i too lost 10 lb in my first week, but for some reason my second week has been far harder. i feel a bit of a fraud trying to give you advise as ive had a terrible weekend, but i think the weekends are always going to be much harder. Your deffo in the right place for help and support, all i will say is stick with it, you will feel much worse if you give up, remember all the reasons why you started LT in the first place. Good Luck
10lbs, that is fantastic...well done you..!!

Keep it up...there's lots of support on here...when you feel you're going through a tough time, just get on here, and type away...it feels much better going through this with others!...:D
You've started out really well -all you have to do is continue! There are loads of tips flying around this forum (its a bit like a LT cult! ;) oj) and lots of support and encouragement, I basically live here to get me through days. lol

Early nights and pampering baths until you feel settled in your routine is the best advice I find -and WATER WATER WATER!! ;)

brilliant loss as the others have said the 1st wek is the hardest and I do agree with you when I'n not working on a w/end it is a bit more difficult, however focus on the bigger goal a smaller you come on hear read the posts reply to posts drink the water and in now time you will have settled into a routine and the weight will be coming of nicely
mood swings start when you get into ketosis. It passes after a week or so (it did with me) and occaisionally returns.
I find coming up to my TOTM it gets worse. I used to be able to still the emotions with a bar (or two!) of chocolate but you just can't do that anymore.
I think because I'm not stilling all those emotions with food anymore as I used to, that I'm suddenly becoming aware of them quite poignantly and it can feel very strange as I've been so used to surpressing them with food.
And then, on top of that, our chemical balance shifts as we go into ketosis...
My ha'penny's woth... ;)
I hope you are feeling better today. It does get easier so hang in there.

Good luck.

Hi Wilhelmina! -
I know we started this a week apart but I really know we are going to do it this time so we'll make sure we keep each other strong!x

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