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Will a diet coke ruin it all ??


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It depends on your body - diet coke can slow down or stall your weight loss and then you get down and thinkw hat's the point and start eating. It's 2 things one is the citric acid and the other is the studies showing that diet drinks make your body release a load of insulin to digest the sugar it thinks you've eaten and this can cause strong cravings as well. Who'd have thought such an innocent looking drink is so bad?!

I know about the water though, but it's not forever and soon you'll the gorgeous thin one stood with the water, wearing a sleeveless top with toned arms and flat abs:) You could be the one stood there with the water and a mysterious smile on her face now though while you pick out the outfit you'll be wearing in a few weeks!

Apologies for the daft post!


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Sarah, what about soda water? sparkling water? water but tell people should they ask it is vodka...and all the while, you are standing there, losing weight before their very eyes!!!


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If you have Coke Zero that does not contain citric acid and will not knock you out of ketosis, but no one seems to do it except for Supermarkets. Why not have a sparkling water!! Not very exciting, but at least its got bubbles LOL.
Im going out tonight, to a retirement. But im afraid its water. If you have a watch of the LT video again it says no citric acid. Therefore coke is a deffo avoid like the plague!


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As if all the chemicals in it aren't bad enough, some studies have shown that diet coke causes osteoporosis: avoid like the plague. You'd be far better off with water.
I quite enjoy soda water on my nights out now and no-one questions it really. I had an argument with the dippy barmaid recently who kept putting lemon in it though even though I specifically said 'no lemon'. I was a right horrible customer as I said fishing it out wouldn't do, I needed a new untainted one! :eek:
long and slowly !!! I do struggle so much at weekends as have a large family some of whom have left and married and always pop in for food !! sunday dinner and friends that we usually go with dont feel comfortable with me no eating or drinking with them. Next weekend we will be travelling 120 miles to go to brothers birthday meal with drinks so i know that is going to be so hard. Dont want to back out as I do want to see them.
One thing i am begining to realise is WHY I AM FAT -
is because everything we do involves food and drink in some form or other.

thanks for replies just hanging in until tuesday and im sure i will be pleased i didnt drink anything this weekend

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Sexy abs....sooon !
hey sarah,

I totally know what you mean i was watching telly over the weekend and there were adverts between programmes. 7 adverts 5 about for or drink in some way!!!! i mean come on.

I got my bf mum coming to me for dinner on tue night(bf arranged forgetting i not eating!) but it's her birthday and she has said oh i'll bring a few bottles of champagne n we can have a night.

I told her i am being good, she doesnt know i am on lipotrim( i was gonna have chicken soup and give them scallops) but she is a nightmare and unless she thinks you are on the right diet she does everything in her power to get you off it.

Last time i was on atkins and had to eat a bread roll just to shut her up as she went on for nearly 2hrs( it was torchure) If it was anyone else i would through them out my house for being disrespectful but because its her i dreading it.

do your family know your doing lipotrim? Are they being supportive?

dont miss out on seeing your family as life is too short, but take loads of listerine strips and the second your tempted take one, the mint means you dont want to eat.

sammie x
well done sarah for not drinking this weekend and come your weigh in your gonna be so so proud with yourself. I had my 11th weigh in on SAT morning, was pleased with the results as I had the weekend preiously off and ate everything in blinking site! So not worth it, but the worst this I dont seem to be learing from my mistakes. I am finding it harder and harder the closer I get to my goal, I always thought it would be easier!? How wrong was I!! Anyways am still here and still fightin to get to my goal and I know I will get there soon.

Do you have much to lose? Its really a struggle at weekends, but you have got through the first one and am sure after your weigh in you will be raring to go through the next one and you have your family to look forward to seeing.

Samantha, I wonder if its worth telling your bf's mum that your DOCTOR has given you this diet to do? Surely she couldnt argue with that? Tell her your bloods and everythign is getting tested every week and they'll know if your even sniffed bread! LOL! Best of luck with her, it annoys me that so many people are quick to jump in! I had that to begin with and now I have lost over 3 stone on 11 weeks they have changed their comments from oh that'll never work to oh the weight will pile back on once your eating again! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sexy abs....sooon !
thanx, pineapple, i'll try that, people cant be so frustrating rgardin things they just don't understand and have no intentions of finding out about x
I am gonna try and remember all the negative comments and hopefully it'll keep me wanting to prove them all wrong!!

Best of luck.
well done for not surcoming (sp) to the coke, i know weekends are gonne be hard for me not to drink alcohol and i'm on ww, icant imagine being on lipotrim how hard it is. well done everyone
Thanks all, yes my family are supportive but no sure about family living away. I have along way to go so they had better get used to it. as i wont to loose 85 lb

second weigh in today and worth not drinking 6lb off


loves minimins
well done sarah i start on sunday for a 3rd time hope i can do it now tho.

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