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Will exercise help

Hi done lipotrim years ago and a got on great lost 5 and a half stone over the last 2 years it has gone back on I am so cross with myself but things happen :cry: I have a holiday in 6 weeks that I need to got a lot of it off for know I won't have it all off first time I done it I had 3st off in 6 weeks didn't exercise then just wondering if I do exercise every day will this help :confused:
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Mild toning will help with your shape. Not to sure about cardio speeding up results really, seems to be of mixed opionion.


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Exercise is such a healty habit, has so many positive effects weight loss only being one of them. The more good habits you put in place now the less likely you will be to pile back on pounds when off tfr. In my humble opinion anyway!!!!
Wow King maker u have done great u have lost so much :)) any tips ???
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Hi Skinny dreamer:greenapple:

Like Munch said it will help with the start of your new habits.
In my opinion exercise is a good thing and it will keep you active and destrated from thinking about food. A word of warning though don't do too much as I am proper suffering now. I did a 2 mile walk yesterday and 30 minutes of cardio and I was ready to be put in a box :ambulance: lol but everyone is different. So good luck and exercise little and often xxx
Thanks susieuk did some yesterday legs feeling very sore today , on day 3 and feel rough very light headed dizzy and sick is this normal ????
Hi Skinny Dreamer I am on day 6, and on day 3/4 I was dizzy and very light headed. Didn't feel sick just a funny feeling in my stomache which is probably due to no solid foof in there and lots of liquid filling it up. Keep going though it will pass, I feel better now. I did this diet in 2006 and lost 3 stone in a month, its hard but the fast results give you a quick kick start .
Thanks monster munch just having a shake now really don't want to break as I have holiday in 6 weeks and going with 4 other skinny women , wow 3 stone in a month that's amazing any tips on how u did that I'm drinking 4lt of water a day ?? :))
Sorry for the delay, no tips really. Just stay 100% and drink plenty of water. Oh and also get lots of sleep, i did while i was struggling the first few weeks :D
Thanks king maker had to go to bed this afternoon thought I was going to pass out feel better now :))
I had a blip last night I had a peach and feel so angry with myself. But I have got straight back on the wagon again and back on water. Just don't know how much it will have cost me in pounds :( ...But I am going to start some exercises as well. Nothing too drastic though, because as everyone is saying it is a good habit to get into when you come of LPT.
Hi monster better to forget about the blip and don't get to annoyed about it new day new start I'm going to get a pair of jeans that I want to fit into and hang them out in my room as inspiration if found this helped the last time :)
Sorry monster munch seen your on day 7 today how much did u loose this week ???
Hi monster better to forget about the blip and don't get to annoyed about it new day new start I'm going to get a pair of jeans that I want to fit into and hang them out in my room as inspiration if found this helped the last time :)
Thanks, yeah I just seen it as a lesson learned . It cost me 4 lbs but the that was a couple of days ago and I lost 2 lbs today so its going in the right direction again :)
Hey guys, I'm just finishing week one now, weigh in tomorrow :). Was thinking of starting to do some exercise and was wondering how much you can tolerate? If you exercised before lipotrim, can you do the same routines as before? I'm afraid of going to the gym and passing out from tiredness after 10 mins!! x
Hi Cinematic
I'd say go to the gym, you're well in ketosis by now but listen to your body and if you have to take it easier than normal then do.
i notice that now i reach the point when i just can't go on exercising, much more quickly than I used to do before lipotrim. like munch says, listen to your body, don't push it too hard
Hey, I have planned to do some exercise and was thinking long time before what would be the best type. Like KingMaker said the best is toning up as you already losing your weight on LT. I am walking every second day up to 6km (speed: 5.9km/h). First reaction on this was gaining a weight (0,6kg) and trust me I was 100%TFR. I think it was something to do with water. Second day after first walk-up I have lost these 0,6kg. I hope this will help me to stay in a shape and tone up my body a little bit after losing so much weight.

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