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Will I ever be able to do a press-up?

Sure. Just keep working on your triceps and eventually you'll get there :)

Most people's triceps are a little feeble, as we rarely use them in our daily lives unless you throw things for a living ;)
Hehehehe :D

If your triceps are especially feeble, I suggest leaning against a wall and doing "push-ups" off against the wall, using your body weight as the resistance. Then progress on to doing push-ups from your knees rather than your toesiewoesies. Finally sneak one in on your toes, then another, then just keep adding more full body-length press-ups to the knee-length ones until they're all full-length :)
Core strength is often lagging in females, which makes your back sag when you try push ups.

If you arent already, keep up the planks and swiss ball rollouts, or any core exericse where you have to keep the core still (see my core conundrum post again)

but in short, the answer is YES, you will be able to do a press up. Its just practice and strengthening the core, shoulders and triceps with similar exercises.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Thanks Justin! I am doing planks, ordinary and side :eek:, and a pilates workout most days. I have a swiss ball, but it tends to live in the cupboard under the stairs! I fell off it and bruised my ribs a while back :(

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