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Will I ever get to goal?!


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Hey guys!

I've not been on here in a couple of years but recently I've been trying to get back on the wagon after gaining another two stone (i was just under 18 stone at christmas) Last week I found my wonderful boyfriend, was having an affair because he was no longer attracted to me. I know what you are all thinking! Anyone who stops wanting someone just because they gained weight isnt worth it! The fact is, I was HUGE HUGE HUGE now im just Huge! I was really unhappy for a long time and i comfort ate hense the rise from 13st to 18st. I have been trying to shift the lbs since March and im just a few lbs short of 2 stone, Granted catching the man you love with a skinny woman is a wonderful appetite supressant but im really starting to loose faith in my weight loss. Ive been at this 3 months and i thought i would feel different, I thought my clothes would be falling off me, but i'm still wearing what i was wearing at christmas and its not too big!

I just need a little help with the motivation please, I'm at rock bottom at the moment, My relationship failed becuase of my weight issues and how that affected my confidence and my pride in myself and now i just need the weight to come off quickly - i just need something to lift my confidence :cry:

Kate x
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:( I'm so sorry your having such rubbish time!! Have you got plenty of family and friends to support you? Xx

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Hi kate ,
Firstly I am very sorry to hear that you have suffered such a devastating blow , talk about knock your confidence , no matter how much weight someone gains or losses it is not excuse to disrespect someone you claim to care and love so please don’t feel because you gained weight you have to take the blame for that, grrr makes me feel so irritated for you ,
I have to admit I am clueless to slimming world and not sure what weight loss is achievable , I started my weight loss journey few years ago I played around with a lot of different diets , lipotrim , Cambridge diet and then calorie counting , .... like you sadly I found myself comfort eating over heartache and have gained weight again this time I think I’m going to give the Atkins a try ,
What I am wondering is have you considered maybe a very low carb diet as these seems to give results a lot quicker and gives you the boost you need to keep going ?
I do really hope that you don’t let this effect your journey you can do this ...!! :D


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Man that sucks!!!

You will get to your target, as you have amunition to make it there. There are two paths you can chose to take the direct route or the scenic route. Whichever you take you will get there. Have faith in yourself, as no one else can change this, only you. Good luck!!
Hi Kate, please dont feel down, 2stone since march is a great achievement, and doing it with SW is surely one of the safest ways to do it, you are not just dieting you are eating healthily.
maybe you could plan some things with your friends/family, to give you a sort of target and something to look forward to. a little bit of compertition with yourself could be a good boost.
Keep at it, you have done great so far! x


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Hi KateR Sorry to hear about your bad experience, it must have been so devastating for you. But turn all that angry/sad energy into motivation and lose weight for you confidence and health. Confidence is more attractive and any low weight so work on that then everything else will follow. If you have confidence in yourself you will get to goal. 2 stone in 3 months is brilliant, just think how far you have gotten and it may seem like ages but once you reach your goal you will be that weight forever :) You will feel better about your break-up, it may just take tim (like weight loss) but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger x x

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