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Will I ever understand EE??

Where did you read this?
Superfree foods are foods that are free on Red AND Green, so eggs qualify. So do Mullers.
I see it.
Looks like the new book is saying that on EE the 1/3 meal of superfree foods should be veg or fruit. This makes sense really and I do this way anyway but it's maybe not good news for people who aren't keen on fruit and veg.
I haven't got the new book myself, it's only out this week.
i have the new book

eggs and muller arnt superfood

but are free!

The SUPERFOODs are veg and fruit only!
Hey guys. How much should we limit eggs and muller? Today I have had 3 eggs and 2 muller - I am guessing thats maybe a bit much???
I have only used 5 syns tho, so maybe I shouldn't have more syns?


Lover of Extra Easy
Mullerlights and eggs are free so you can have as many as you like. I can easily eat more than that per day if the fancy takes me!
I suggest that you up your syns to at least 10, but preferably 15.
i got told by my SWC that my syns should be 10 and males 15 ???

its a bit confusing isnt it


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Our consultant lost all her weight on 15 syns a day, so she recommends you start on 15 and reduce if your weightloss slows down. I've always had 15.
Our consultant has always told us to aim for 10 a day, but I know a lot of people on here have 15 a day, or less during the week and save them for the weekend


Lover of Extra Easy
I have generally had 15 a day, only now and then have I gone less, and sometimes more but my weight loss has been steady. Slow but steady, which is fine with me.

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