Will I ruin my weight loss?


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you don't have to have ANY syns if you don't want to..
1 syn = 20 cals if there is no free food involved ( ie chocolate, alcohol etc.. )

15 syns a day = 300 calories..
you can make this up with free foods etc.. or use other syns.. maybe an extra slice of bread or a spoonfull of sugar on your weetabix and so on..


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S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
the syns are there to give you something nice when you want it so you don't feel deprived and to give you some "wiggle room" if and when your losses slow down.. if you have none then the only way to speed your losses up again is to reduce your other foods..
although we don't count them on SW, it's still basically "weight gain = calories in - calories out" up to a point ( too far into the -ve and your body starts doing silly things like eating your muscles instead of fat.. )


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That is right - SW say you should use between 5 and 15 syns a day so that would be a minimum of 35 a week. That is to ensure you do not feel deprived while on the plan and are less likely to fall off the wagon.

But a syn is a syn whether you use it on alcohol, chocolate, bread or mayonnaise. So it should make no difference to your losses if you switch to food stuff rather than alcohol. That aside, and at the risk of sounding like a boring old ****, I do not think using all your syns of alcohol is wise anyway. From a health point of view but also because if you are drinking a lot in one session your food control may not be 100%


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You should use your syns as they're there for a reason. If you want the plan to work, then follow the official slimming world advice and have between 5-15 syns, as published in the book, and as any consultant will tell you.

If you don't have them, asides from how it will affect any cravings in the future, it's also very easy to not eat enough calories on SW as the free and superfree foods can be very low in calories, and not eating enough can slow your weightloss.


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I find this post really useful, as we always say in group to "Reach for Free before Synning"

I dont always have my syns - and my consultant says if I dont feel I'm missing out then I dont have to have them. I would rather reach for fruit than chocolate or biscuits.

Yesterday I only had 2.5 syns. Sometimes if i really want some chocolate i will "splash out" and have a milky bar for 7 syns (occasionally) But I can go days without having any syns, but I know that they're there IF i have a craving, or IF i need them.

I dont feel like I'm missing out, and dont use them - my weight losses havent been fantastic at the minute due to hormone therapy im on at the hospital, but even with low syns, 100% and no HEA and only occasional HEB i can drop 2.5-4lbs.

HEA/HEB are a different kettle of fish, im borderline lactose intolerant, so i find it hard to always have my HEA - and HEB i make sure i have enough fibre-y foods, and occasionally have it towards the end of the day.

I use Alpen Lights (chocolate and fudge) if I'm craving chocolate x