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Will power?


Is so doing it this time
S: 16st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st2lb(6.9%)
Hi I found this web site nearly 2months ago and felt really positive about losing the weight. But.... since then I have gained over half a stone! I thought I could do it myself using the Weight Watchers points that I know inside outside. I really don't want to go back to WW. I have a wedding to go to in 8 weeks and at 16st and 5ft nothing I just want to hide away.
I feel like I'm stuck in this vicious circle. I'm so miserable because of my weight but because I'm feeling miserable I comfort eat. I'm so depressed all the time then I end up shouting at the children because I'm angry with myself. I have made an app to join the gym (again!) at 7.30pm tomorrow but I'm afraid I'm going to cancel it. Absolutely nothing I have fits anymore and being so short I had real difficulty buying clothes even when I wasn't so heavy. God knows what I'll wear to the wedding. I'm already trying to think of excuses as to why I cant go. I haven't posted any post on the site as I feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself and have nothing good and positive to say. I feel so very lost, I just don't know what to do:cry::sigh:

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Hi Piglet,
I have just read your post and I felt like I was sat there reading about myself!
I have struggled with my weight for so many years and at the moment I just dont know which way to turn.
I'm sorry I can't give you any advice at the moment but I just thought i'd say hello.
Hopefully somebody will be along soon with some good advice!
Take care Lisa x:wave_cry:


Gone fishing
Just a quick one as I'm in and out.

It's my opinion that willpower is a myth. It doesn't exist. If you sit around waiting for it to appear, then you are going to be there for a long, long time.

Instead, work out what you really want and find some strategies to go and get it. Much more effective ;)
Hi Lisa:), Im new here also, and like you I feel quite similar to how you have described yourself.Im sure there are many others feeling like us also.I started CD last week but cannot hack it so I rejoined WW again. We can help each other by trying to stay positive and we could maybe start aiming for to fit into some nice clothes for the Xmas.Its really tough trying to stick to points etc...but we will have to do the best we can:)


Is so doing it this time
S: 16st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st2lb(6.9%)
KD you're right! What I really want is to feel happier. I want to enjoy living. Right now I hate it. Lisa T it sounds like you and I are cut from the same (stretchy) cloth. I think we need to focus. Maybe we could help each other?

For me things clicked when I realised my clothes were not fitting me anymore and I would not be able to find bigger sizes. It would be go out naked or stay locked inside my home! :crazy: Dieting in a constant struggle but it is thrilling to have to go shopping for new clothes because the old ones are now way too big. It is worth all sacrifices. Good luck.

I wish I had a miracle cure for you but I don't. I can tell you though that I was in a similar situation to you. I wouldnt even let my husband see me naked. I would get undressed in the bathroom and when he turned out the bedroom light, I would dash into bed!

My suggestion is to find a weightloss/work out buddy. I sent an email around my workplace asking if anyone wanted to go to WW with me. 4 of us went. It took us a full year but it was a fun year!

That was about 10 years ago. 2 years ago I began putting the weight back on (do you know that if you overeat by just 100 calories per day, you gain 10lbs a year?). I tried to diet alone but it didnt work. It was time to find a new weightloss/workout buddy....

I typed up a small poster & a friend printed it out for me. I put it in 3 places - a school, my supermarket & in my car window. Within 24 hours I had a reply! We began the very next day. & we now walk/run 5 days per week & swim 5 days a week.

In addition to finding a weighloss buddy, I also decided to take things a step further. I now go to a personal trainer 3 days a week....she weighs me EVERY time I go.....so thats my incentive to keep on the straight and narrow. I am doing the Cambridge Diet (which my trainer doesnt really approve of because she cant work me ultra hard) & have had a couple of lapses....but with my new safety network, I always eventually get back on track. The trainer has been worth her weight in gold in that regards.....as she is the one who has fired me up & asked the tough questions that keep me accountable.

It's still not an easy journey but it's much easier than doing it alone....and I have made a couple of great new friends during the process!

Good luck - you will do it & it will be worth it!
S: 19st3lb C: 18st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.49%)
Hey piglet just though I would drop by and say hi and good luck :). Everybody on here has struggled with their weight at some point and it ain't easy...if dieting was easy everybody would be thin!! I'm 16st too and I know how you feel I'm forever hitching my jeans up and pulling my tshirts down. Just lately I feel like something has clicked, I've got into my routine with my new job and am determined to succeed. I have been 'good' since monday which sounds pathetic really lol but I'm proud of myself because before I would have given up by now!

Take one day at a time and keep us posted :) xx

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