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Will someone buddy/pair with me?


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I only weighed in tonight, I officially start tomorrow. I have 5 stone to lose and I plan to stick to my SS+ which my CDC said I could easily do in 4-5 months.
Im scared only becuase of potential side effects but i think once I get over the first week, I ought to be fine with it.
If you would like a non competitive partner and enjoy a good giggle, id love some buddy (get it) to go through this week by week :)
Thank you xx
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S: 19st5lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 5st8lb(28.78%)
you'll be fine the first week is the hardest i should know im a restarter (long story) i have lost 32.5 lb to date but would love to lose another 4 stone at least so if you want to chat anytime feel free if you want to pm me i'll give you my mobile texting when desperate sometimes help lol
i have done ss for 6 weeks then added a meal ss+ for a week and now back to ss for a while its hard but so worth it i wish you luck with your weight loss journey


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thanks chick, pm's are just fine as I dont get free texts from my mobile (poo!). or we can keep this thread :)


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S: 19st5lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 5st8lb(28.78%)
yes thats fine just keep this thread where are you i live in london with OH and 4 children the eldest has a little boy so i'm also a grandma which i love being she lives in south london now though and we live in north so i see them at the weekend we usually have him then so weekends are usually very hectic he is only 18 mths old but such a cutie
hope all is well and you are coping this diet is hard but so worth it
have a good day off to work now catch up later


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my name is Kirsty by the way :)
Im 37, mum to a 13 year old girl. Need to lose 80lbs which I can do if I am rigid by feb next year. Going to have 3 days break at Crimbo though - hello....turkey dinner?!!! LOVE it!. CDC is just the best person I have ever met - so vivacious and helpful. Tried my first shake this morning (butterscotch). Liked the tatse, didnt like the liquidy thickness but you know, in for a penny......
Going to have soup for lunch and then as Im on SS+ Im having a hot cappucino shake for tea with 190g of fish and some spinach.
Mentally still focussed about it and excited because I know I can do this :)
108 days Ive worked out I have to my goal but if its less or more....well, its only half a year and thats nothing when Ive been a chunka malunka for 15 years!
Hello Kirsty,
Well done on deciding to this diet, it is an amazing journey as the weight will drop steadily. The people on here are amazing and all going through the same thing so keep posting and asking questions. I am on week 3 from today and feel great, I have done all the diets known and am happy to be doing this and seeing a good loss in 2 weeks. I am sure you will do it, just be good to yourself and remember why you want this when you are feeling like you cant go on, also get on here and shout for help.
Lots of luck and look forward to seeing you on here.


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S: 19st5lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 5st8lb(28.78%)
mmm i did SS+ last week and loved having a meal but back to ss for me i love xmas to and have a works xmas dinner coming up big dilemma but i know ill cope! you'll get used to the textures i like my packs thick i think it fills me up more
just made a black coffee then poured a chocolate tetra in OMG it was gorgeous and not thick at all maybe you could try that too.
good luck anyway just keep posting it does help


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Hiya, today is my 4th day on SS+ and I lost 5lbs tonight, last got weighed a week ago :D

Still got a good 7 stone to go yet! I'm always glad to get support and give support too - it really helps.

I'm 23, live with my Parents & been with my Man for 3 years 7 months. Haven't got any kids, apart from a crazy cat who I love to bits and spoil rotten. I'm doing CD so I feel better about myself, will look good in *coughs* THAT *coughs* way ;) and to be able to go shopping in any shop and pick out clothes!


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ok - lets walk through this together girlies....ill try and post here every day :)


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S: 19st5lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 5st8lb(28.78%)
hi kirsty
i hope you had a good day mine went well i remember on wednesday first day back on ss after ss+ thinking OMG i need food i wont survive but here we are 6 dayd later and no food yey hey ican do this
i have gone from a size 24 to a size 18 in just 7 weeks and i feel gooooooooooooood
keep at it and try to post when you can and i will too we can do this!!!


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
good for you for starting, 5 stone, you'll lose that in no time, just stick at the first week, the first few days is the hardest but just keep at it, the way i look at it is, everytime you feel hungry or tummy rumbles, it's the fat that is leaving your vital organs and heart and it's dissapearing, all that yellow horrible fat! keep thinking bout it and drink the water.


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Hi girls
day 5 and went wobbly. mainly cos im away from home with my daughter at my mums and have the most disgusting soupd left over (spicey tom and oriental chilli) plus I have some yukky shakes that im dying to swap. Im going back on weds (the day of my weigh in) and am left over with very few meals that i like. That Oriental Chilli tatses like oven cleaner and made me gag.

Had shake for breaky (me love butterscotch) had 1 portion of my fish allowance for today and then by tea time I was so ravenous I could have killed.

I discarded my other fish portion and opted for chicken of the same acceptance for the SS+ but had two tablespoons of VLF cottage cheese to give me some sanity.

I dont think i broke a major fundamental rule as I didnt eat cake or rubbish - just went over a little of my PLUS range. Im having a shake at about 8pm and am topping myself up with tonnes of water.

Should I be branded a bad, bad girl?


Fat busting crime fighter
PS: After this next week am seriously thinking of switching to Atkins - I think I can cope better with that cos at least you can eat.
what do you say?


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i say you are only on day 5. i say that you don't get all your vital nutrients. and i also say that it's very easy when on atkins to cheat. give it another week hon. you are doing brilliantly. you'll be into ketosis. you haven't cheated. you made a valid choice. you felt you were going insane and you made a good choice to deal with that. would you have done that while on any other diet? would you have recognised what you needed to do?

keep drinking the water. go and see your cdc early to swap your packs. this is the fastest way of getting to where you want to go, whilst retraining yourself on health and nutrition. i don't have anything against atkins. i have low-carbed many a time. but in order for it to work properly it has to become a way of life. not a diet. and i couldn't give up carbs forever and ever and gained my weight again.

go for it :D

abz xx
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Hey Chunky,
i started LT on Oct 23rd, but I'm gonna wait untill thursday morning for my weigh in. Lt is hard as its tfr and the shakes are not good to say the least, but so far i havent tasted a morsel of food since last wed night, so i hop for a good WI.

Anyway, best o' luck with yours, I'll keep an eye on your progress. P.S. when you have posted 50 times, you can PM.


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S: 19st5lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 5st8lb(28.78%)
haven't posted here in a while but if you stilck to this the diet does work yes its hard but like i said the results are so worth it
keep at it once the eight starts to fall off its great and honestly it does get easier


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hey girls - i get weighed tonight. Standing on my own scales at home today has made me a happy bunny but need to make sure my scales read what CDC reads before I give you my results. Put it this way, its almost a stone.
Day 5 was wobbly like I said and day 6 went ok - kept myself busy shopping for shoes (as we know - shoes always fit, regardless of size and its a treat for being so good)
Its day 7, ive just had some fish for lunch with a drop of cottage cheese and although I havent been having 3 CD meals a day (cos I cant eat what I have left - mainly yukky oriental chilli and vile vanilla) I hope my CDC wont go mad with me but the weight is dropping off. I drink gazillions of water to curb my appetite.
I dont miss the tatses of old food now, I just miss the social aspect of cooking it and enjoying it. However, as I sometimes do work on TV, I needed to lose this weight and am determined to stick with it so that I dont look twice my nomal size in future.
I have a cut off date of Feb (my Birthday) and hope to maintian using the atkins theory.
Loves ya xx


Fat busting crime fighter
Tracey, I have noticed that you are so supportive to everyone on here - I just want to let you know that I spotted that and you are appreciated for it :)

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