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will someone gag louis?


i know they are only children but COME ON!

i know lots of lovely children, i don't want them performing on my telly every saturday night though!

if louis says they are 'having fun' one more time i'll reach into the tv and ...

buy them a bleeding game or something, let them have fun doing that. i didn't realise they had changed the criteria for x factor and are now putting through people who want to have fun. i like having fun too louis, maybe i should perform alongside jedward next week.

is louis serious?

ok, rant over.

sorry guys. :D
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oh and does anyone else feel that louis should just be banned from commenting seriously on the other acts? i mean he judges them on their singing but singing doesn't matter in jedwards case does it? it just seems wrong.
here here guys. lol.

i like danyl's haircut! looking hot if a little too pretty. lol.
only just started loving dannii this series. i get her now. did you see her interview with piers morgan? love dannii.

never really liked or disliked cheryl. erm, she's very pretty though. lol.

simon is simon.

louis, don't get me started again. if wanting to gouge your eardrums out is entertaining yep, he sure is. extremely entertaining.lol. personally i think louis has lost the plot and that's no laughing matter. shame on you mrsessex. :)

well at least we agree on that one. :)

i'm off to bed. enjoy what's left of the evening!
Louis should be shot lol... rules for other acts such as no choirs but he can have full performance for his act! Loved Stacey and Danyl tonight
Louis should be shot lol... rules for other acts such as no choirs but he can have full performance for his act! Loved Stacey and Danyl tonight
Yeah no choirs (which they have every year) but Jedwood cand sing Vanilla Ice with only the odd Queen line!!!

Thing is I loved JLS last year but didn't want them to win cos Louis was there Mentor - I don't have the same problem this year
But what would we do without this entertainment? I got home half-way through X -Factor so decided to watch the late repeat, but fell asleep before it started.
Can't wait to watch today's repeat and see what on earth Jedward got up to?! But it isn't fair that they stay in the show and contestants with talent have to leave, oh well - I suppose it is all in the name of entertainment.
On a sort of related topic, there is a good film on tonight, Little Voice with Jane Horrocks. I have booked to see the stage version with last years X-Factor Diane Vickers, it has got good reviews. Reduced price tickets widely available - got mine on Londontown.com
I like Louis because he makes Simon look even wiser- I just love Simon Cowell, his quick-dry wit and says it as it is style is my weekend fix on cd without the vino and carbs. x
Tuned in now for the results show. Ah, poor Louis, I rather like him. It's probably a touch of Irish pride (I'm half Irish) - however, this paddy pride can't quite extend itself to Jedward! x
I think its mad how its turned into being about the number of viewers etc its a singing competition and it may have gained alot of viewers because of the controversy but i wonder how many loyal viewers they have lost x Although i dnt dislike jedward just think they r better off on BGT
I agree with Hoping2LoseBig. X factor is afterall a singing competition. Why put someone through who can't sing? It makes a mockery of the show. Now Simon seems to be losing the plot- why is he making exceptions for them? I mean it's not right to judge them differently. There have been singers on the show who he's been harsh to and they could actually hold a tune. Why special rules for them? This needs to be the last series or they need to get rid of Louis once and for all. The guy is on another planet. Lol.

Saying that, since Simon foolishly kept them in when he had a chance to oust them, I hope they continue to stay in and knock out ALL of his acts now. Even though I do like Olly (Ollie?). I am rooting for Stacy now- great singer but annoying when not singing.

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