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Will xbox kinect help shed the pounds or the £££s?


Proud to be a LOSER :)

My nephew just got an xbox kinect for his birthday - and now I want one lol!

But I want it purely to aid with weightloss! I've seen games such as The Biggest Loser and Zumba. Has anyone experienced weight loss due to xbox kinect? Or is it a waste of money?

I have a wii fit, and find it boring now. The controller often makes games like the fitness one really awkward i think so thought kinect would be better!!

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated!

I am about to start my PGCE so have no time (or money) to join a gym or even go swimming etc, but i have 19lbs more to lose and know i will need to exercise in order to tone up while losing weight.

Thanks :) xx
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Hey there!

I just wanted to share my experience in the hope that it will be of some use even though it wont quite answer all of your questions. I have both wiifit and kinnect and like you got quite bored with wiifit.

I have biggest loser for kinnect and quite enjoy using it although I find that like the wiifit I similarly can get a bit bored. However I would just like to say that Reflex Ridge (Kinect Adventures) is a great workout and when I first had the kinnect and was playing on that a lot I did lose weight and I think its a good sign when you need to take a break lol (even my skinny partner needs to take a break on this game!). I would just like to add that although i'm quite active I'm also quite overweight so i'm not sure how weightloss would compare to someone who is alot thinner and playing on kinnect.

I havent tried any of the other games such as the zumba but I here your shape fitness evolved is meant to be quite good. Hoping to buy it so I will let you know!

I definately think its possible to lose weight with kinnect, however like the wiifit, it definately relies on you putting the effort into it and so I think the decision is more about how much interest and motivation you will retain once the novelty has worn off

Hope this helps in some way and that maybe other people can be of more help :)

Good luck with your weightloss journey!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Hey rainstar

Thanks for the comment :) I appreciate you sharing your own experience! I agree with you, I'm sure wii fit would be brilliant if i just had the energy to be bothered to do it haha - i'm hoping with kinect it would be easier because I haven't got alot of opportunity to do it so I would make the most of the times when I get the xbox to myself (it's actually my dads but he only plays it during evenings!)

My sister said Biggest Loser was very hard (in a good way) and that you get a good shouting at if you're not doing it right - - - which is exactly what I need lol a virtual (and cheaper) fitness coach haha!

Hi I have tried the zumba for about 2 weeks, I dont know wxactly what I lost but my hip area and abdominals did tighten up and clothes were looser on me and it works your muscles so you can walk faster and with more power
Hey Danni,

Biggest loser is very hard yes (in a good way) and if you stick with it, it gets easier :) One thing about biggest loser that I think is invaluable is that it scans your body and represents it on screen as a blob and I totally hadn't realised the shape of my body in 3D - I only ever see myself from the front lol.

I enjoy kinect a lot more than wii fit now but i'm use both at times. I'm sure whatever decision you make you will be really successful with your weightloss and I just want to wish you all the best on your journey. If you have any other questions I can answer do let me know as i'll be more than happy to help if I can.



Proud to be a LOSER :)
Thanks guys!

Rainstar, I went on my nephews and seeing myself on the screen really hit home that I need to sort out this extra person of flab that i've been carrying about lol xx
lol - you're in good company on that one - seeing myself was a real shock :O - how did you find it? xx


Proud to be a LOSER :)
it was fun :) we played michael jackson experience (and michael jackson i ain't haha!) and the boxing. Jeez did the boxing kill my arms!! Just keep looking on ebay for kinects now. My dad has an older xbox, but I should really buy my own otherwise we'd be fighting over his one which ain't fair on him lol - so looking for deals on ebay for bundles inc. xbox (old or new) and kinect with a game!
Of course it will help contribute to weight loss as it is helping to achieve more activity! Zumba definitely makes me work up a sweat anyway! I find the biggest loser game a bit difficult to navigate and get bored easily with it.
Good to hear you're on board - Like I said in my first post Reflex Ridge is the best and most fun workout i do :) xxx

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