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will you all still love me?

:eek:Hi guys

a lovley lady on this forum has sent me through the WW pack.

Im going to give it a fortnight, starting thursday.
Im hoping the complete change of food etc might give me the motivational boost i need to jump back on the wagon full time to get back to target and enjoy my holiday guilt free.

Iv 3 weigh ins left, i weigh on wed (have been sw all week as usual) and im hoping to atleast register the same as i was 2 weeks ago at 9 stone 10.5 (i skipped weigh in, after a very bad week) and have spent this week working hard to try and get it off. My home sclaes registered 10st 1, which would meant an entire half a stone on including the 2lbs i was already over my 9st 8.5 normal target weight.

So after wednesday, i will give ww ago, for a fortnight and hope that by wednesday september 2nd, i am at target or incredibly, under.

Interestingly enough- i ahve discovered that ww include in thier pack a whole leaflet on things you can do to tackle emotional eating, and tools to help you assess when your full etc. Which i will try my hardest to apply.

Im very scared, very nervous, very sceptical.. and cant help but feel i will hate every minute, but at the same minute im also quite excited about eating completly different foods, and eating things i usually avoid for lower synned things on sw (like nuts, tortillas etc)

Im not leaving you, i absoloutly promise you that. Sw is my life and you guys are my little online sw family- so i will be here 100% whilst im on ww, even posting my food diary as usual.

will you guys still love me *sob* LOL xxx
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awww bless you.

you have offered some great advice and hope you still will on this site :D

dont go into ww dreading it sure you will hate it, be positive, it could be just the eating plan you need thats spot on for you.

i hope it is, good luck


Loves Norman Reedus
of course we will still love you.
it doesnt matter what eating plan you follow as long as it is a healthy one. and everyone on this is forum is after the same goal.
good luck hun xxx
Will love you even more. What a sweetie you are. Everyone who "knows" you only wants the best for you and if WW does the trick, I for one will be delighted for you.

hugs xxxxxxxx
thanks guys, your support means the world to me.

Its not that sw isnt doing it for me anymore, or that my weight losses have even slowed- i just think because i know it so well, the ins and outs and have been doing it for so long.. it feels so natural im not putting the effort in that i need to be at the mo- i think a fortnight on ww- having to learn somthing new and really focus might put it all in perspective for me. If anything else i just hope i can learn from it and come back to sw with a new perspective- and that i can continue maintaining my weight once i get those pesky few lbs that iv gained recently off.

just wanted to say godd luck with WW Fern, I have done both in the past and like both. Sometimes you just need a shake up to refocus. AM sure you'll do well
We'll always love you Fern - you're an inspiration to us all :) good luck with WW - make sure you update your diary to let us know how it goes! :) x


Likes to eat.........alot
You're doing what's right for you at this point in your journey, and that's a very good thing. You're taking a positive step to ensure you return to where you want to be and stay there. A wise move in my opinion Fern, and one that should be applauded :clap:;):D

We're behind you every step of the way, so make sure you get your ass back here and keep us up to date with your progress.

Good luck sweetheart. You is a total star! xxx


Now to maintain.....
of course we will!!!!!! your story is so inspirational....your posts so helpful,and everyone needs little boosts here and there.
hope you do what you need to do and are back soon though:D

besides you are a fellow bristolian.....have to love ya!! hehe!:D
Good luck with WW. Go into it with a positive mindset and it may give you the shake up you need. It's got to be worth a try hasn't it? Keep posting to let us know how you're getting on with it though - otherwise we'll miss you! ZXXX
thanks guys ... im going to really need the support, iv decided not to tell anyone else, meaning friends and family. im slightly embarressed - truth be told. Mainly because ive let myself down, because ialways said i would never do another plan.. and that certain people dont understand, they think im silly and obbsesive- and should ww not work for me, id be really embarressed. hope that makes some kind of sence!



I can do this............
Go for it hun i think i need to do something like this. Really struggling! Manage 1 on plan then 3 off!!!

Good luck to you and we will always love u here your are an inspiration to so many! x
have done food shop... i feel very nervous and so out of my comfort zone- god im such wimp, one site of a ww reay meal and im having kittens! eeeek.

iv been snacking on naughties since!- just goes to show how much of an emotional eater iam!


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