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Will you eat your trigger foods again???

My trigger foods are crisps, chocolate, cake, ice-cream basically mainly sweet foods, I can't just have one bite, I can eat fruit, but anything creamy like yoghurt, and I crave more and more so I decided that I won't eat these trigger foods anymore, I guess its like an alcoholic and a drink or a smoker and a cig, just one can send you back into your addiction. I am addicted to sweet foods, I should not touch them again.Fruit doesn't have the reaction and savory food I am good with how do you think you will cope once you have to reintroduce food again, what will you implement so you don't have to do cambridge again??
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I'm going to be really careful with bread, I find I'm a real carb addict and crave it all the time so ill really need to keep an eye on what I'm eating!

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Completely denying yourself isn't always healthy (makes the forbidden even more appealing) but you sound like me and the only way is to have none at all. Heroin addicts can't just have a little heroin each day, we are like that with certain foods (I'm like it with all foods :D)
I'm not saying denying yourself, I am eating three meals a day, but have found desserts that don't make me want to eat and eat and eat, if you know what i mean, infact i tried a small bit of chocolate and found it so sweet and sickly that I have lost the taste for it. I think that there are so many people who do cambridge or other diets who aim for the weightloss but don't really think about how they will manage to keep their weight stable, it doesn;t go back on immediately but after a couple of years, some people have put back ont he ten stone they lost, thats not healthy at all!!
For me its more about realising what my triggers are to comfort eat, which are usually carbs, and deal with that. I know how to manage my food and eat well, its more about being able to handle stresses that make me want to comfort eat and not stuff my face! x
mines mainly chocolate i'd like to think i can get to the stage i never want it again.
i know i'm gonna go for healthy snacks and stop treating food as a treat


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mines mainly chocolate i'd like to think i can get to the stage i never want it again.
i know i'm gonna go for healthy snacks and stop treating food as a treat
This is my problem as well

in a book called Only Fat People Skip Breakfast by Lee Janolgy she says that people are addicted to sugary foods think that you shouldn't deny themselves as it could lead to a binge etc but in fact its the opposite - having a little bit of sugar each day ensures that you are still addicted to it, and eventually that little bit each day will eventually lead to more, afterall an alcoholic who had given up booze wouldn't have just one drink a day or a smoker just one fag, because once you get the taste you end up wanting more.

So I am also using cambridge to wean me off chocolate and sugary foods and I'm hoping that I can stay off them.
the thing is understanding what High sugar/high fats does to your body, obv in chocolate there is a feel good sensation you get from eating it, so if you feel low its sometimes the only thing that makes you feel good, (self medicating yourself, suddenly your eating something for a different reason than your hungry, eventually you need more and more to get the same fix) the high fat, just lays down in your body as fat then the sugar, makes your insulin rocket, to combat high sugar in your blood, then you end up with low blood sugar making you want/crave more sugar..... vicious circle, really chocolate and other high fat/high sugar foods should come with a health warning!!! I now will only have a pudding/dessert if I have had a night out, either a dessert or wine with a meal, never both!


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I am giving the Beck Book a go to see if I can stop these foods being "trigger foods" and just like evrything else. Need to break the hold they have on me. My arch nemisis is a pizza.
yeah think you are right if i have the chocolate its just gonna start it all off again. see things like pizza and puddings i like but i don't need daliy when i have chocolate i have to have it daliy and i'm kidding myself that once i have abit i can stop cause i know i won't. i think it still has a hold over me cause i know i don't love the taste of it.
need a doc to tell me i'm allergic to it lol.
i even watch a program about how its made and people walk all over the coco beans and they lay out in the sun for days with flies all around but it didn't put me off.


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For me it mainly is chocolate - it's bloody evil stuff if you ask me! Tastes delicious but has big consequences on the scales!

My other issue is portion sizes. I have a terrible habbit of piling up my plate and demolishing everything that is there. If i'm honest I'm full half way through a meal, but I keep going until it's all gone.


The very reason I'm living on 3 shakes a day instead of enjoying food with everyone else (but in sensible quantities).

c'est la vie

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