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Will you miss being overweight?


i really don't know life
i think i'll miss having something to aim for, but i definitely won't miss the weight! i'll just have to focus on the maintenance and my health - that's the main priority through all of this after all!

good luck with your journeys ladies xx
No, I don’t think I will miss any of it, the depression, the looks of how I am or the looks of strangers, the family constantly chastising me for eating something, not being able to breathe…. I will be glad when it’s all gone. Then again I will miss the t-shirts and jeans I have had for years… :p.
I definitely won't miss the extra weight but I do think that I'll appreciate being a healthy size when I get there. When I was younger and my weight wasn't an issue I definitely took it for granted. Good luck everyone : )
I think I'll miss having the focus... having said that there'll always be maintenance to focus on and I'm sure I'll find another target.
No No No No......definitely won't miss anything about it, physically, mentally - absolutely nothing!!!


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I don't miss anything about being overweight. Nothing at all.

But, there have been times I've missed not being able to be totally reckless with food.

I have had days when I have been reckless since reaching goal, so it shouldn't be a problem....except I have missed not having the option to be reckless for days and days.:eek:

More of a 'problem' at the beginning of maintenance though.


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I think I'll miss having the focus...
Yes...had that too. I missed dieting. It had been a part of my life for so long.

having said that there'll always be maintenance to focus on and I'm sure I'll find another target.
Teehee. I did that. Had maintenance goals for ages. My next one is

To maintain for the rest of my life :D (long term goal hopefully :D)
I hope I dont miss it! I think it's unlikley that I'll be eating my way through the cupboards trying to put it all back on! As long as I keep some curves I dont think I will miss anything about it, being sweaty and unfit, out of breath, unable to wear what you like, constantly comnparing yourself to other people, oh it is horrible isnt it, I used to pretend i didnt care about my weight and insisted that was happy within 'myself'. One day i realised I was kidding myself.....
well being overweight is still quite new to me. lol im gaining weight rather than loosing (my stats lol)...

but in terms of clothing its not too different, i still wear my slim tops but i dont have the wow factor i used to have because of the fat. and my jeans and trousers are much much tighter. some people laugh when i tell them im overweight, but my close friends know because theyre always touching me and things...

i definitely do not want to be skinny like i was when i was young, i want to still be a little bigger with muscle. im sort of worried of i loose weight i will loose muscle and fat, so i will have to be careful.

but will i miss being fat? oh no, this fat is holding me back...when my friends play tag, i get out of breath after about 70 seconds (no egzageration)...and i love playing football, even though im quite fat now, i still have quick feet but i cant play for long...me and my friend was playing football in the car park the other day, and within 2 minutes i was dripping with sweat, and she couldnt believe what she was seeing. (shes not better than me by the way, i just cant last long)...

so yeah once i loose weight i will truly show her whos boss...i was the best footballer in my class about 4-5 years ago...and i used to get much more attention from girls...
I won't miss it at all! I have wondered what I will do talk about think about and have decided I will probably end up being a very active person doing a lot of sporty types of things where I can still strive for and attain goals, improve my fitness etc without being focused on weight. And I will most likely go back to being an aboslute clothes horse and shopping a lot too!


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I missed it. Not that I ever got to thin, I went from 20 to 14 stone, and didn't know quite what to do with myself when I got there, so the sabotage fairy kicked in and I'm back at 16 stone again.

I miss having something to hide behind, which isn't anything I thought that I would feel.


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I think I'll miss having a goal and watching my weight and measuring myself. I find this whole process quite fun. However I will not miss being overweight. I can't wait to chuck out all my huge (although a lot of them are quite expensive so maybe ebay) clothes! It'll be nice to have a wardrobe of size 12 clothes not 18 (and one gorgeous vintage patterned size 22 dress - Vivien Holloway *sigh*)
I think I'm weird. For me, losing weight is something quite bittersweet. Although I crave it and have been striving for it for things like being able to buy a 'normal' size of clothing e.g. size 12, making exercise easier because of not having to heft around that extra weight as well, and stuff like that.. At the same time I have been overweight ever since I can remember and so for me it's almost been like losing part of my identity - what makes me 'me'. I used to say 'well I'm overweight, I'm different to everyone else and that's just who I am'...
So for me, I've had a mental block about going under 14stone: for me that's meant letting go of that old label of myself and going into the unknown.
So I don't know if that's counted as 'missing' being overweight: in a strange way yes. I don't miss the weight that's gone that's for sure. But it's a challenging journey through my head to get to where I think of myself as 'normal'.
Hi Ellie

How are you doing? You sound a bit sad xx:wave_cry:
i will miss the goals and things i aim for also..
i will find new goals though... i deffo wont miss being fat lol x


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Wow Ellie. I know exactly what you mean. I've always been 'the fat one' of any group and although it's not an identity I mind losing it is still an identity and it's gonna be weird.



Go on smile! =)
I wont miss anything about it, cant wait for the day i fit into some trendy 32" jeans.

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