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Extra Easy Willpower woohoo


Hi everyone, have started sw again! This time I'm on a mission! Ive nearly completed first week of extra easy, weigh in on tues. weekends are hardest I find as routine changes, kids at home, hubby home. Last night hubby brought home Turkish food! I had already ate thank god! But the baklava looked very tempting so I thought about it, looked in the syns section and a tiny bit was 18 SYNS!!! So i asked myself "do I really need it" and I said NO (woohoo)
I had a yogurt instead. I was very happy I made a good choice. Hope everyone has a good day. Sorry for the long story lol.
Focus peeps xx
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Absolutely agree! Keep on posting about the positives, we are far too quick to be hard on ourselves!

Well done and try to remember this feeling of empowerment when you're faced with temptation again!


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Totally agree!!

My plans went up the spout food wise when we went to my bf's mum's house and she asked us to stay for dinner. Bf said yes without thinking about my diet but I said no to stuffing and Yorkshire pudding and just had meat, potato and veg.

I synned the gravy, oil (on the roasties) and honey (on the carrots and parsnips) and only ate a small plate. So I was still within syns for the day.

I still have my hexa and hexb left so gonna have some cheese with an apple chopped up later and either ryvita with that or some Alpen light with a cuppa after.

Minor achievement but an achievement no less :)


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well done, that's fab

My boyfriend sat there munching on crisps and dip last night and I was so tempted to have one, but just focused on how much I hated him for doing it instead ;) lol. But I was proud when I didn't have any.


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Lol that's really funny!

My bf ate a whole pot of Pringles last night while I munched on a bag of velvet crunch. I felt so virtuous :)


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I've just had my father in law for dinner, he lost his wife at the start of last year so we have him most Sundays, I always try and cook a good meal for him and get puddings in as I worry he doesn't eat properly, so my fil, hubby and children sat and ate cake and cream while I had a muller light yog. A massive achievement for me lol x