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Really sorry to be graphic, but is anyone else suffering with wind? Is there anything that we can take for it?

I’m back on the plan today after a week off (I just couldn’t stop eating) tummy was bad before I lapsed, but the wind today now I have started again is rather bad!

Have to keep rushing to the loo at work, and hoping there isn’t anyone in their to hear!

I’m only really having the veg soups and the lemon bars and I’m stick of everything else, I do enjoy both, so I’m hoping they aren’t to blame!
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Can't say I have had it bad but I have heard that if you are using the water flavourings they can give u a bit of wind. Maybe it is your system readjusting again after eating and will settle in a day or two?


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I think Sharon might be right, because the more water I drink, the windier I get!! . So I've really staggered my water today (3 litres as at this time) and haven't had any wind. For the past couple of weeks I have been chucking the whole 4 litres down my neck by 3pm and when I get home my stomach is gurgling and bubbling away


I can do this.
i've suffered from this.... found peppermint tea or sipping boiled water helped.



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I get it when I have alot of water - specially if it's got the flavourings in!


has started again!!
Windy here in Dorset too!! LOL! When I go to bed, my tum is always rumbling and gurgling a good 'un! The water flavours certainly make it worse too!
I have a max of a teaspoon of flav a day as they definately make me windy if I have more! Too many bars can do it to! Constipation can also make you more windy & mine improved after I started taking dulcolax every other day...HTH?


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Not been having any of the flavourings, so that can't be it. I will go and invest in some peppermint tea and cross fingers it's just a temporary thing!

Thanks everyone
Bars can make me windy (not the Nut Crunch in my experience though). But that's usually just temporary.

I sometimes find that after a lapse I have a problem with constipation and at those times I can get a bit windy - presumably as gases build up with the extra bulk... So if you haven't 'been' it might be time for a laxative and that'll clear everything out.


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I'm being very brave, I'm going for a colonic tomorrow, not doing anything in halves this diet programme!!
Had them before when I've done detox, they really make you feel better and i'm hoping it will get the last bit of that binge out of me. Daren't take a laxative, in fact had to have an immodium this morning before risking getting on the bus! My poor tummy, it doesn't like LL!
I'm coming to the end of my time with LL and have had a few little lapses - usually carbs (bread and cereal) which I crave. I've only lapsed for a day at a time but when I have I've had the most awful wind - both ends. I could manage to muffle the 'windy-pops' (excellent sphincter control) but I was belching like a trucker :eek:.

One night the gurgling was so loud that the dog stood over me, staring at my middle regions with a stunned and alert look on his face - he was fascinated.

The amplification afforded by the toilet bowl doesn't help especially when away from home!!

The things we do for beauty.

I do however find that when I am "good" and sticking to the diet, my tummy is lovely and flat and wind is not an issue. So let's all be good :D.
I had a lapse at the beginning of the week - and now 2 days back on the diet I am very windy indeed. My mum is on the plan and she is terrible - she breaks wind all the time (and it is so not like her) - my daughter is always laughing at her :D

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