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Extra Easy Wine and Vodka

Hi! I am a new member to this forum. I am just wondering what everyone's views are on alcohol. I only drink wine and vodka with diet mixer and the occasional light beer. I like a few wines the odd evening mid week and always go out either on a friday night or saturday night and like to have a good few vodkas....but I am worried this is interfering with my diet. I do tend to be bloated after a weekend but this goes away after two days. I'm losing weight very slowly and some weeks gain a pound-in saying this I am 5ft 4 and under 10 stone so I won't lose weight fast anyway. I would love to lose half a stone-does anyone not count alcohol in their syns? I have about 8-10 syns a day when not drinking alcohol and then maybe 60 syns or more from alcohol a week!!! What are your views on drinking wine/vodka while on slimming world?? THANKS!! :)
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If it's in your Syns for the day then get it down yer neck.
If it's not then you need to avoid it if you want to lose the weight!!

However, I did find that dancing like a wild thing after consuming said beautiful bevvies would help limit the damage!!

Still, if you want the weight off slightly more quickly then perhaps cutting down on the grog would be a good plan!
Thanks for all your advice. Think its a case of me fooling myself that alcohol isn't 'real' syns!!! I have decided against a glass of wine tonight-even though it would have went lovely with the mediterrian lamb dinner I made tonight!! :)

Haha Michelle-I meant 60 Syns over the week 30 of which would be on a bottle of wine.....that's still 12 vodkas and diet 7up mind you!!!! I'm surprised I'm still alive!!

Cheers all xx


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Hi Lisa. It sounds like you need to manage your syns on a weekly basis. i.e. 15 syns per day over 7 days = 105. Subtract your 60 for alcohol if you want and that leaves 45 syns for other things over the week, which is around 6 per day.

It's up to you how you spend your syns, no syn is "worse" than any other, bearing in mind that you do also have to consider the health implications of so many units of alcohol each week.
Hi Lisa, I took the same approach as you - I like my nights out so I accepted that I would have to either stop going out as much for drinks or make peace with the fact that my weight loss would be slower. I tended to save 30-40 syns for a saturday night out, stick to vodka and diet mixers and make sure to avoid the takeaway on the way home. Then I would have an Extra Easy cooked breakfast the next day. My weight loss probably would have been faster if I hadnt done this but I wasnt willing to give up my Saturday nights out & I dont regret it now I'm at target!

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