wine wine wine wine


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lol my niece she uses all her syns for the weekend drinking lol she has bein doing the diet from august same as me she has lost 1 and a half stone:D


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Yup I'm the same...but it seems weeks when i drink vino are the weeks that i don't lose...grrrr! Vodka and diet coke it is for me....


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I'm well known for my red wine habit :eek: but it's good for your heart ;)


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its rosie wine i lurve 26syns a bottle but so worth it :break_diet: tempted to open a bottle tonight
had a takeaway last night but I did have good choices:)

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Our class can be a bit more AA than SW sometimes as we all seem to like our vino! I have to be honest since starting I've def cut down but do quite fancy a glass or two tonight - it's been an exciting day! xxx


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I don't drink too much because I take quite a bit of prescription medication daily, but when I do drink I really do enjoy a good glass or 2 of red wine, my favourite being Cabernet Sauvignon, I think it's great to relax with a glass of wine especially at the weekend.


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I love red wine too and opened a bottle last night. I save my syns all day and have exactly 15 syns worth which gives me 1 and half glasses(approx half a bottle). I'll drink the remainder tonight - can't wait!


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I love wine in any shape or form but they are all high in syns so I just have wine now and then. You could make a spritzer so it goes further.
In the main I just stick to my brandy in a pint of diet coke. Only 2.5 syns and it lasts for ages.


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sigh. a good red wine. hey donnie im on prescriped medication too but guzzling on the wine doesn't stop me... ive not gone to the shop yet... im resisting the walk to the shop have got until 10pm to choose!!... :S


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The other night I mistakenly bought low alcohol wine. I didn't realise until I got home from SW, opened the bottle, poured my measure, really excited in anticipation, and then, as the sweet Ribena-like taste hit my lips.... I screamed in disgust "What the F%*K? I'm not wasting six syns on that!!"

My family all thought I'd lost the plot because I told them they could drink it, I wouldn't be doing so, despite the fact that it tasted really nice actually, just not like real wine.

But only us SW fans knows what it's like to not want to "waste" syns on something perfectly acceptable but just NOT worth it! Like would I use six syns on Ribena?
Makes you think though, how many things did I use to put away without even thinking/appreciating them? I think that's how the weight often goes on...eating and drinking naughty things of no consequence, just for the sake of it.

Going to have a glass of proper wine now as I'm having a night off SW. There's no doubt that wine is not good syn-wise.
I second malaika's advice about the brandy (or whatever spirit you like) in a pint of Diet Coke, especially if you add the spirits yourself, afetr the coke is poured. That's a tip I learned on here and it definitely gives you the kick right through to the end of the drink and lasts for ages,.....just two and a half syns worth is plenty in a pint of Diet Coke if you do it like this, it really works!


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Just had to have a glass wasnt even bothered until I read this post earlier. lets see if it turns to two glasses

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I love a glass of wine in the evening, so I don't have too many I try to have my first glass c9pm & I've also got myself a 'mid week' glass which is 100mls. I know I'm sad but it means I can have 'a glass of wine' but less syns. I couldn't pour myself 100mls into a normal size glass that would be like depriving myself!

I've joined Virgin Wine Bank, I 'deposit' £20 per month & each quarter they give me £20, hey so every quarter I've got £80 to spend on wine:p And it's all mine OH won't touch it ;)


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Mmmm Vino

I'm so glad its not just me. I absolutely love wine. I would happily give up chocolate, take aways, biscuits and cakes if it meant I could have wine every day.

There is something so satisfying about hearing that first glass being poured. I normally get through 3/4 of a bottle so mainly drink it on the weekend.

I prefer to have wine at home when I am relaxing or over a nice dinner in a restaurant. If I am on a night out I will stick to spirits - can't really enjoy a glass of wine in noisy surroundings.

I used to stick to vodka and slimline tonic but have recently discovered Disaranno and diet coke. It is very yummy - quite sweet.

OMG - I sound like a flippin alcoholic! LOL :D


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My C told us last week that she used to (she's stopped drinking until Christmas) open a bottle of wine on WI night, knock 27 syns straight off her syns budget and allow herself up to 10 a day, rather than 15. She'd then just take the bottle out of the fridge whenever she fancied a glass, and could just enjoy it without worrying about the size of the glass, or how many she fancied.. just kept the bottle in the fridge until it was gone.

Seems such an obvious idea, but thought it was brilliant - if you fancy a glass of wine, it's just not the same if you feel like you're limiting yourself!


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I do that ^^ can't live without my rose - would rather do without other things during the week than give it up :D


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What about trying the little bottles? Then you know you're having "a bottle" but it's smaller to start with?? ;)


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I have those baby size Gallo - were on special offer in Tesco a while back - stops me going overboard - lovely to open a bottle, pour in glass and savour it - god I sound like such an alkie :D