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S: 14st4lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st4lb(16%)
Hi i have been on atkins since january and lost 2 1/2 stone but stayed the same for the past 3 months ish..

I have always been on induction never moved on but tbh ive decided that its impossible for me to not have a drink at the weekend which usually consists of a bottle of rose and a couple of triple vodka and diet cokes...

I was just wondering carb wise wether this is going to be a problem.. as i really want to knuckle down now and loose my last stone.. I'm 19 and abit of a party girl and just think theres no point looking good if i dont go out..

Any experiences would be lovely? I know atkins says its more to do with when you drink you loose will power but i never eat after ive had a drink .. i have plenty of will power when it comes to food.. its just drink LOL !!

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Hi Why don't you just try your best to drink in moderation when you are out. The Vodka has nil carbs, wine wise I think red is about 2 carbs a glass (my glasses are huge when I drink wine so I double this). If you need a night out, have a night out than step back onto induction for a week or two. I think you are right when we need to enjoy ourselves we should. The only thing is alcohol is used as fuel before anything else so your body will burn this before fat, just to remember to keep yourself from indulging too regularly as it will affect weightloss. But I say enjoy yourself, you can't be a saint all the time x


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Hiya - the joy of atkins is that you can drink - but as always in moderation. Unfortunately i'm a bit of an expert here ;)

So remember drink has lots of calories which you do need to burn before the fat burning kicks in
When i drink it makes me hungrier so i eat more (calories again) plus for some people they get carb cravings
In both cases watch what you eat earlier in the day - go for filling but maybe less than normal

Try to avoid rose and sweet or sparkling white wine - if you stick to dry whites and reds you should be fine
I also find rum and soda a good mixer - not too sweet and also no carbs
Take a packet of pork scratchings and an atkins bar in case temptation strikes.....

I am fine with a weekend partying - as you as you go straight back clean and green - no excuses of hangovers for carbfests! i only stall or gain if i continue all week;)
Good luck and enjoy:D


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Good advice there - but also remember, if you do have a sore head the next day, you can have bacon and eggs - all day if you want :D

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