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i was just wondering, am i the only person on the planet that loves winkles????

well i could eat them till they come out of my ears, and they are ss foods on slimming world.

dont know why noone will sit next to me when im eating them though, sat with my little pin picking away.:)

folk just dont know what there missing.

what other seafood do you guys enjoy??
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Wee Doll

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i love cockles :D yummm im in the mood for them now i have to get some when i pick rhianna up from school


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Yucky!!! I remember my mum and my aunties tucking into them whenever we came up to the NE. They smell foul and they look like like snots with a scab on the end!!!!!

Have never been able to get one as far as my mouth to see what they taste like though


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I had no idea a winkle was a cockle, both words have got me chuckling like a school kid though! Immaturity for the win!

I do love me some seafood though! And it's all free! :D


Slow but sure....
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I also love cockles, with lots of pepper and vinegar, yum!!!

And I didn't realise that a winkle is a cockle either.....LOL...
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As a veggie I don't eat either of them, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that was having a schoolgirl snigger at the words "winkle" and "cockle" lol!

I really should know better by my age! :)


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Think a winkle and a cockle are different - am sure cockles are bigger

And yes the names are quite rude sounding!!!
Cockles are different to winkles (he he). winkles are in a little round shell, like a tiny snail, you have to pick them out with a pin. You will probobly think I'm really wierd but I have always thought that cockles look like tiny seagulls as they have a little yellow beak shaped thing.
God I'm so weird.
I used to love winkles as a kid but I think its just the way they look now that puts me off, when you pick them out of the shell they do really remind me of bogies.
I'll have to try them again when I go to the seaside.

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