Extra Easy Theoretical Syn Addition


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Hey there guys!
I'm here to play devils advocate!

Slimming world doesn't allow you to add syns on from exercise because the truth of it is, syns are pointless calories and why risk overestimating what you burn and actually gain weight right?

But what if you redeemed half of your calories from your exercise back into syns?

For example! You run and burn 500 calories according to your high tech device that monitors your fitness. You take 250 of those calories and use the /20 rule to turn them into 12.5 syns.

Now if you consume those 12.5 syns(and still eat 1/3 superfood for optimisation reasons), you still have a 250 calorie deficit and lose weight.

Now obviously you could just eat free foods after that and get the whole hog and a massive calorie deficit BUT what about those who hate exercise? What about those who genuinely don't get it and won't do it if there is no immediate reward for their hard work?

Surely then this would make exercise a motivator, more people would exercise, lose more weight AND more importantly get generally fitter, lower their cholesterol and increase lactic acid tolerance for even more exercise.

I would really appreciate everyone's opinions on this. I'm genuinely fascinated by fitness and nutrition and to be honest, I'd love to know why I'm wrong! Thanks for reading!