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***winning the weight war wednesday - hour by hour ***


hope you are all well today and doing your best to stay 100% so we can win this weight war!

Hope everyone who has got kids is having a nice half term if you are off with them - (Im not) and cant believe how quiet yesterday's thread was.

I was 100% all yesterday and am aiming to be again today - feeling much more like my normal slef now those pesky tablets are coming out my system.

Will be back around later

be good and be strong!

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morning everyone, here's to another 100% day.

glad to hear your feeling more like yourself jessica. Half term is going okay, off to the gym/swim later with my daughter then catching up with housework.

Have a good day all.


This is the last time!!
All good here, day 3 and I'm grand. Had a lovely 'Lush' bath last night..my treat to myself is to have a big huge bubbly bath, it is good to distract the mind.
No hunger, bad breath...ketosis is here I think!
Taking ds to docs this morning, he needs a 'delicate' op on his little boy bits so off to see if they can set a date. Then we're just going to mooch around I think.
Yep half term here so it's very noisy with 5 kids in the house :D I caught a cold and also got TOTM yesterday so that explains why my weight isn't budging so far this week.Plus I'm on 810 this week so I think my body's confused.
Well I am up, and having a black coffee while I decide which sachet to open (first day ever on CD for me).
The kids are driving me mad - I have 3, I might haul them all out later to keep myself busy and take my mind of this being my first day without food.
I think I am going to go for the strawberry shake. But first a big glass of water and this coffee, get some fluids in. :)

* ooh can someone tell me why I cant seem to put my ticker AND my goals at the bottom, is there a different way to do the ticker? It says there is a 150 character limit or something! I notice others have tickers and all sorts. Maybe it is because I am new... and have to work upto bigger things when I have more posts?
Hey Tinka - good luck with today heres to the first day of the weight being gone forever!

Yes there is a wordspace limit - not sure how the limits are decided but it is to do with how many posts you do. I have got a 1500 space limit but i have done over 500 posts at the mo. Its getting very frustrating cos I want to add more in but cant so reckon I will have to do 1000!!!!!!

When you do 20 you can have an avatar picture and when you do 50 you can see other peoples pictures.
Best way to get your posts up is on here on the hour by hour - it runs every day adn on the word association thread.

Good luck again today - you are brave starting it in half term and with 3 kids!!!

Days 2 and 3 are the hardest but once you are in fat burning its fantastic...........

am off to hairdressers now will be back later

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Good morning everyone,

I think I had a virus the last few days which would explain why I felt so weak and ill. Feeling lots better today.

I'm on halfterm being a teacher and so have a lovely day ahead. Collecting a ring I had made with my Mums amethyst stone, girlie lunch (810) and bridesmaid dress fitting. Found pics from the first fitting and there's a differnce for sure 20lbs down. exciting. I'll get a pic today and put them together for my album.

I am actually going to venture to the gym with OH later on and see how I get on. Usually there all the time so I'm looking forward to that. Must start my power plates again too.

Have a great day whatever you're doing, big positive hugs going out to all xxx


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Morning everyone,

I've been conspicuous by my absence the past few days, life at home hectic with my son off school and job hunting.

Day 7 of my restart today, wi day, which I'm really excited about. Got on my scales yesterday and according to mine I'm down 10lbs, see what Nicky's say later. It's been a hard week, but stuck with it. Only nibbled a bit of salad a couple of times, (my 200 cal meal for SS+) but compensated by dropping a pack, as Nicky said to do. I don't know if it's psychological, but I feel thinner already, could be just my mind.

My aim right now, to get back in my size 24 jeans, once I'm back in them I'll be happy, but obviously have a long way to go before I'm at goal.

Hope everyone has a great day and that you're all great big losers (in the nicest possible way)
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Morning ladies. I am a bit fed up today. It's my weigh in tonight and I have been bad. On monday (as already confessed) I had a slice of ham and a few prawns. Last night, I was nearly crying with hunger, I opened a small tin of Pek chopped pork and ate the lot. It wasn't lying around in the fridge or anything - I went in the cupboard and opened it for myself!!!! I am so sick of that empty feeling, I want to feel FULL, I AM HUNGRY. I was very very upset last night, and of course, regretted it immediately. Anyway, its weigh in tonight and I am thinking of not going. I am scared. Glugging water for England here in the hopes I at least lose something, but thats the May challenge out of the window, and the stone a month goal - all lost becasue of a tin of Pek. :( :( :(


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Hi Tinka, welcome to the forums. Hope your first day on CD goes well, mind over matter and you'll be in ketosis and feeling euphoric in no time. As for the ticker, the more you post, the longer the signature can be. Think its 50 posts to get one long enough for a ticker.

Glad you're feeling more like yourself again Jess, you've had a tough few weeks.

Rose, my TOTM arrived yesterday too and I gained 3lbs overnight :( All water weight, but it means my loss this week isn't going to be too great. We'll see later on, I get weighed at 2:30 (I'm quite nervous this week.....)

Great feeling reaching ketosis isn't it Jabba? Hope your little boy is ok soon. Enjoy your swim later Trisha.

Its grey, drizzly and dull here today, think I'll snuggle up on the sofa with the kids in my PJs till lunch. Then its off to weigh in at 2:30, will you all keep fingers, toes and anything else you can crossed for me? Bloody TOTM, I hate it- it has so much to answer for!
morning peeps,
Polishrose, you can finally have a bit of releif in knowing whats going on!!

Jess, thats great your feeling better, we miss the real jess.

Good luck to the newcomers. first week tough but it does get better!!

My scales are down a pound:). Wa hoping for more. looks like another small loss this week but who cares. Its down right?
think i may start a diary just to rant with myself about diet frustrations etc...

Had a small blip last night. the kids were drinking hot chocolate a it was a cold and blustery evening, I just went mad with the temptation and had an extra(chocolate) shake. It did the trick and took away the "choco wants" but dont know what it will do to my loss this week. oh well, my fault!!! I will learn from it somehow. Now I know i have a sweet tooth I never thought I had before.Still, I dont consider it a failure, just a lesson.

100% 100% 100% today!!:D ( and my goal for the day is to walk off the extra shake)

Good luck again today - you are brave starting it in half term and with 3 kids!!!

:D See I am a teacher too, and far better to feel like pants when i have three children running around me, than 30 little 4 year olds!! I work part time, so it isn't too bad. I go back next Wed, so should be fully in ketosis by then and not starving hungry.
I have delayed breakfast today so that I can push my meals back by a couple of hours, to help with the hunger later on. I am never really that hungry at 7.30am. :)

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Jess, good luck with the re-style.

Mia you poor thing. Don't beat yourself up. Think of what you would have pigged out on had you not een on CD!! Why don't you go up a plan. There really isn't a lot of differene in the weightloss. Talk to your CDC about it and see what they think. Better to go up a plan than feel totally crap!!!! sending you a big hug hun xxx
. Anyway, its weigh in tonight and I am thinking of not going. I am scared. Glugging water for England here in the hopes I at least lose something, but thats the May challenge out of the window, and the stone a month goal - all lost becasue of a tin of Pek. :( :( :(
DON'T give up, you have lost loads! Grab a back pack and fill it with stuff so that it weighs the same as what you have lost so far, then stick it on and wear it for 2 hours as punishment! Then think of what it would feel like to have all that back on for good! Take it off and smile that it is gone forever.... :D You have done brilliantly. Maybe just tell your CDC what happened, and ask her to help or advise.

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Tinka, that's a great idea. As a punishment it's a bit harsh :) but i am so going to put what I've shed and see how much it weighs to carry around. Grat idea thanks xxx

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Tinka, is that what you make the class do when they've been bad. Keep their school bag on their backs all day!!!! heheehehe. I'm a singing teacher so I can say ths hhhahahaha xxx
Sorry, the "as punishment" is just my sense of humour coming out. :D
I remember when my son was 2 stone and that was how much I had lost, I picked him up in a piggy back and walked up and down stairs 3 times, did the trick I tell you. LOL
Tinka, is that what you make the class do when they've been bad. Keep their school bag on their backs all day!!!! heheehehe. I'm a singing teacher so I can say ths hhhahahaha xxx
:D Laughs will be on me mid afternoon when i am clutching my belly and wailing like a big girl's blouse no doubt!

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Tinka, that's amazing. Actually you reminded me of something i was going to do when I'd lost 2 and 1/2 stone when i was back on WW a long time back and I'm going to do when i reach goal. My stage piano is a light weight one and weighs 2 and 1/2 stone so when i'm there I'll put it upright next to me, take a pic and be able to look at what I've shed. Fab x that shouls motivate me to maintain x
Good morning everyone from a very wet south wales.
Not sure I will be doing much today, I am absolutely broke so can't even fill the car with diesel and cant afford to go to the piccies etc :(.
Weather too awful to go walking, so will probably just do some crafts or something with the children.
Had a terrible migraine when I went to bed last night, I don't get the pain type of migriane I get the kind where you get funny vision and for about an hour I could hardly see, it was really quite scary and my 14yr old slept with me, I do feel better today though,

Today is my 56th day of SS and I intend to stay 100% until BMI 25. This is purely because I have plans afoot for my slimdom days :)
To those of you who are struggling, remember you really CAN do this, the demons really can be so compelling but they can't 'make' us do anything.... start to get your motivations back right at the front of your mind...
To those who are having good days, keep up the hard work, and have a great day...
Anyone weighing in today??

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