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Wish me luck not sure I can do it!

Well 7 weeks ago I started this before my hols this Thursday with the intention of thinking right I will do this till my hols then stop.. Now I am really struggling thinking about my hols and about the weight I have lost so far.. I have bought my supply last night to last me but really, even at this point don't know if I can do it on hols. Gulp.

I had another good weigh in last night and really don't want to spoil that but I can't invisage doing this whilst away.

Ho hum who knows what will happen

Wish me luck.... Will be back in 2 weeks time and hopefully a few pounds ligher.....

Good luck to you all and hope the next 2 weeks is good for you all.
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Well done on the weight loss so far. Only you can decide what to do on your hols. I would take the packs and stick to them as much as you can, because it is so difficult to get back on track once you come off completely. If you do eat, then stick to protein and salads and stay away from the nasty carbs. Either way, have a great holiday and enjoy yourself, that's the main thing.


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Hi hun,

I really relate to your dilema and can only say that the advice I give is probably not what I would do myself.

If you have done this 100%, then try your very very very best to stick to it whilst away. It's a psychological thing more than any potential weight gain, it's the crossing that line that is usually more destructive ultimately than the eating.

However, what ever you do, I would say plan it, so that you feel positive about it no matter what. Cos we don't want you feeling bad because you never stuck to a really hard plan.

Two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things...however, just ask yourself honestly:

Would you prefer to eat whilst away but come back a bit heavier?
Would you prefer to see this one through to the end and prove to yourself that you can do this and will get to goal this time?
If you feel in your heart of hearts that you are more than likely to eat over the next two weeks, I'd say plan plan plan and then you retain the control - it's not the food or the foodie desires controlling you for a change.

Plus try and log on to minimins, it helps.

Have a fantastic holiday, whatever you decide, we will all be here when you get back!


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I agree with Lottie & Eclipse....

Try your best to stick at it....but if you do eat proper food then make sure its a planned eat....there is nothing worse than feeling you have cheated or failed by eating

Can you have your packs as normal and maybe have a salad with no dressings in the evenings? Avoid carbs at ALL costs....the first time you do a VLCD is the best time and it is impossible for most people to go back onto it once they have come off it

As long as you have a plan in place and feel in control you will still be able to enjoy your holiday, and remember all the nutrition in your packs, if you come off them completely and just eat what you want you will probably feel pretty crappy anyway
Just to say GOOD LUCK!

I had a 3 week holiday last month and I stuck to it in the first week ebcause we were staying with friends and could use their kitchen and make the shakes etc.

The second week we were travelling around and I was about 50/50. Having a shake in the morning and for lunch and then having dinner OR having lunch and then having a shake or bar for dinner.

The third week I ate but couldn't eat as much as I normally would have. Often missed lunch because I was full from breakfast.

I didn't gain but I didn't lose either. BUT it has been a real struggle since!

Think about what facilities you will have access to. If you have self-catering faclities - try to keep to the plan. But it's hard in hotel rooms. Not impossible but hard. You need to have a plan either way.

Have a great time whatever you decide!:character00117:
aw thanks everyone for your comments. As I write I am really really going to try and do it, I feel too good about myself to throw away the last few weeks and try and get back on it. I will try and get on here when I can as I really need the support.

Thanks again


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Hi everyone

Found somewhere to log on.. I think I need it.

Things not going really bad but not going great either. I am really just taking it one day at a time. Friday I was good and today I have been ok - nibbled on a little bit cheese today though. Yesterday well we wont even go there - went out for a meal and everything... Its just so hard as we always go out each night for a meal and I just find it totally depressing sitting there whilst the rest of my family have a lovely meal.. oh well.

Will try and log on again soon

Thanks for all the positive notes
Can you try & use the meal times to observe how others order, eat & are with food rather than eating? I did this on a dinner I went to and it worked really well & I actually enjoyed the evening instead of dreading it, which I thought I would!! Have a fab holiday regardless & as OP said above try & plan any food you have rather than going the massive blow out option! Get some sun for me! Where are you?
Hey there

I am in Majorca so every night out is a meal out... Itś hard. The pattern seems to go that I have one great day and then one not so great. I am trying though. As well I find it hard when they come and lay out all your settings and I say sorry I am not having any... They look at me as if to say what!

Today I had some bread - first in 8 weeks and I felt so bad afterwards. Another strict day for me coming up tomorrow then!
Hi there
Really identifying with your thread as I am off to Kos on wednesday for 2 weeks and like you said every night is a meal out and its usually how you spend the whole evening isnt it?
I went on holiday for a week when I was in about week 7 and I manged to lose 3lbs but it was hard and the impact on our holiday was very noticeable. My husband mussed us sitting and enjoying a bottle of wine and taking our time over a meal, as I wanted him to eat up so we could move on and go for a walk or something anything but sit staring at everyone eating. I found myself really envieing other people who could eat , it wasnt a good experience but I got through and I was glad I did as its been worth it now I have reached the end of foundation. HOWEVER< this holiday will be differnt I think becuase even though I am going to do develpoment and then maintenance , I really had this holiday at the end of my 100 days in mind to just go have a good time and be 'normal' again and it was what got me through the last one. I have got my 2 weeks supply but I know I wont be as good this time, as its a long time and I really do see this as my reward for being good for so long.
I really know what you are going through, and have beeen reading your posts with interest, I think you seem to be doing really well, and I hope that when you get back you feel it went Ok, because at the end of the day thats all that matters, its your journey.
Good Luck and enjoy yourself.
Even if you do eat try & do what others have done & say if you do that you will get straight back into it when you get home! It must be SO hard on holiday & I deliberately have not had one as for me food is part of the experience so totally understand why its so hard! Enjoy the sunset for me!!


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Hi all

I got back from holiday last week. Missed all the lovely weather back home!!

I was lucky I was in self catering but I managed to stick to packs although did have a couple of mouthfuls and some small glasses of wine. I found me prancing about in a bikini without a sarong really helped my incentive. I also took some books with me about people who had lost a lot of weight, including 'The Hungry Years' which really helped. Anyway last week I got back and after 2 weeks I had lost 5.5 pounds which I was so pleased with having only lost 0.5 pounds the previous week.

Stick with it everyone. It isn't easy but it is worth it in the end.



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Suzy very well done - to lose on holiday is brilliant :)

Bet you felt (and looked) great in your bikini!

Well done Suzy. It just goes to show that we can do things we think are even going to be impossible. With just a little thought about things we can manage anything.
Fabby Suzy congrats

Heaven thanks so much for your post, it really sums my situation up exactly...

Been 100% good today, so hope it will last.. Will keep you posted
Im severly hanging by a thread at the moment...

Soooo needing something to eat (this is due to eating of course - my own fault I know!) I am trying really really hard to make it through today and hope that I can chalk off 2 days of being good but it is really really hard...

Not sure I can survive another week here...

well managed yesterday so thats 2 days in a row, will try again tonight as off out for dinner soon. Its so hard. I actually feel quite miserable on holiday which is getting me down in itself.... One day at a time though huh!

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