Wish me luck today!


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a) that my fundraiser does well because its a cause close to my heart (having a fundraising day for autism awareness as my 3 year old is autistic).

b) that I manage to NOT eat ALL the homebakes! My house is full!! I was mostly good yesterday when I was baking but did do some licking of the spoon and I had one teeny truffle late last night! :mad: It didn't kick me out of the pink though so couldn't have done too much damage.

Today will be tough though.

Lynne x
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Thanks Heidi. fundraiser went well, I raised £457 but unfortunately I had two truffles! I definitely could have been worse with the amount of food we were surrounded with so I'm not feeling too bad. Back on the straight and narrow though.

Mrs Roch

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Hi Lynne

How did your fundraiser go?